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2 Specificity Progressive overload Frequency Intensity Duration Variety Training principles are the rules that an athlete should follow to effectively target performance goals and should include the principles of

3 Progressive Overload (pg 310)

4 governs all fitness training Gradual increase of 10% each week
Progressive overload Gradual increase in the load of training to ensure that fitness continues to improve governs all fitness training Gradual increase of 10% each week Can be achieved by increasing distance, duration, frequency and intensity This means that to improve my fitness I must exercise at an intensity greater than my existing capacity

5 Other Principles to consider (pg 311 – 317)
Intensity how difficult each session will be is usually determined by measuring heart rate Frequency Number of sessions per week Sprint training requires 3-5 sessions per week Variety Adds spice to the training program Helps maintain your motivation

6 Hand out touch pre-season training program
Please be aware that this program is incorrect Only to be used as a guide for ideas.

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