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2 Specificity Progressive overload Frequency Intensity Duration Variety Training principles are essential to developing a successful training program and should include the principles of

3 Vital in the development of any training program.
Progressive overload Vital in the development of any training program. This principle governs all fitness training Can be achieved by increasing distance, duration, frequency and/or intensity This means that to improve my fitness I must exercise at an intensity greater than my existing capacity

4 Comment on the St Michael’s pre-season program with regard to progressive overload.

5 Work : rest ratio does not show progression in overload
The progressive overload of our pre-season program does not reflect the demands of the game of Touch because the intensity of the interval training sessions is not specific enough to the mimic the sport heart rate is 85% in week 2 and only 60% in week 6 when by this time I should be training at 100% intensity intensity goes from 60% in week 1, up to 90% in week 2 and then regresses to 60% for the remainder of the program. Work : rest ratio does not show progression in overload Rest interval in Week 1 is too long considering the low intensity of the exercise Overload is not progressive during Weeks 4 & 5 Resistance (weight) training shows no overload Ideally, a 10% increase in weights lifted each week could have been implemented

6 Other Principles to consider
Intensity how difficult each session will be is usually determined by measuring heart rate Frequency Number of sessions per week Sprint (anaerobic training requires 3-5 sessions per week Variety Adds spice to the training program Helps maintain your motivation

7 Complete Topic 3 (Part 2)

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