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Faster Genetic gain and more control By Andrew Michael.

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1 Faster Genetic gain and more control By Andrew Michael


3 31 Years Ago 6 Years Ago

4 111236 SirePoll GeneB/TypeWTFatEmd ?? 58.5431 MicronCVSDCFSLFLWT 16.714.62.499.8603.5 110387 SirePoll GeneB/TypeWTFatEmd 080445??Single58.5433 MicronCVSDCFSLFLWT 15.917.22.799.6543.4 111452 SirePoll GeneB/TypeWTFatEmd 080285PPTwin60.5332 MicronCVSDCFSLFLWT 1716.82.899.6603.4 ASBV's YWTYFATYEMDYCFWYFD ????? ASBV's YWTYFATYEMDYCFWYFD 8.9-0.10.521-1.1 ASBV's YWTYFATYEMDYCFWYFD 13.7-0.50.525

5 23/01/2012 TraitRBVAccAvgTraitRBVACCAvg bwt0.8540.1wwt4.9722 ywt10.3724.4hwt10.5724.1 awt10.7713.5pwt7.1712.2 pemd-1.563-0.3pcf-0.359-0.1 yemd-0.9590ycf-0.350-0.1 pfec-3.324-0.6ygfw14.27411.5 ycfw18.57214yfd78-1.1 ydcv-1.564-0.9yss-2.1520 ysl15.1696.2agfw9.3716.7 acfw10.8669.1afd-0.276 adcv-0.857-0.6ass0.1500.7 asl14694.7ebwr-0.8330 lbwr43-0.1hcwt1.8250.1 cemd-0.822-0.4ccfat-0.622-0.2 imf-0.2230shearf5-1.2210 lmy0.6190.2dress %-0.723-0.4 7% DP150.741144.17%150.842145.3 10% ss140.647144.914% ss132.845136.1 Carcase+120.371108.6Lamb2020102.757101.2 7/05/2012 TraitRBVAccAvgTraitRBVAccAvg bwt0.9560.1wwt6732.3 ywt12.4754.9hwt12.7744.6 awt12.5734.1pwt9.4762.7 pemd-0.871-0.3pfat66-0.3 yemd-0.2670.2yfat-0.858-0.1 pfec-0.2244.1ygfw15.87411.7 ycfw19.27213.9yfd-1.178 ydcv-1.564yss-2.4520.1 ysl14.4697.2agfw11.3716.4 acfw11.7668.6afd-0.276-0.9 adcv-0.957-0.7ass0.5500.8 asl13.5695.6ebwr70-0.1 lbwr-1.368-0.1hcwt1.7280.2 cemd-0.925-0.4cfat-2.124-0.6 imf-0.2220shearf5-1.320-0.1 lmy0.6210.1dress %-0.525-0.4

6 Leahcim 111452 23/1/2012 RBV’s YWTYCFWYDCVYSLYFDEBWR 10.318.5-1.515.1-0.8 ACCURACIES= (72) (64)(69)(78)(33) 7/5/2012 RBV’s YWTYCFWYDCVYSLYFDEBWR 12.419.2-1.514.4-1.1 ACCURACIES=(75)(72)(64)(69)(78)(70) CURRENT ASBV’ S YWTYCFWYDCVYSLYFDEBWR 13.725.211.5-0.7 ACCURACIES=(69)(65)(71)(74)(81)(68)

7 November 2012 ET Program April 2013 ET Lambs Born Genomics Test Ewe Lambs July 2013 JIVET Top Proven Lambs December 2013 Top Proven genetic lambs born Leahcim 2007 JIVET Program : 10 Ewe Lambs Flushed, 720 Eggs Received, 680 Fertilised Embryos

8 We Have - ASBVs We Have breeding technologies available- Such as, AI, ET, JIVET We Can Do GENOMICS??????? Australia Sheep Breeders will have access to the Best Genetics in the World

9 Collins Dictionary describes “PITCH” as such to ‘tell a story usually of a fantastic nature.’ P rogress I ntegrity T ransparency C lient Focus H onesty This should Apply to all Stud & Seed stock producers plus researches and their results!

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