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Understanding Masterpact NT & NW

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1 Understanding Masterpact NT & NW

2 Auxiliaries and accessories Drawout installation Fixed Installation
NW breaker frame Micrologic socket Auxiliaries and accessories Drawout installation Fixed Installation Range and performances 2

3 Contents NW breaker frame
Case Moving contact Current transformers Power supply Fixed contact Assembly Arc chamber Opening of contacts Return to contents

4 Case Supports the opening /closing mechanism
stored energy mechanism (OCO sequence ) Insulated organic polymer material Fire proof No halogen

5 Moving contact Complete assembly fingers, braids, terminal
no internal bolted joint High electromechanical and thermal withstand blow on Specific limiter contact assembly L1 performance Direct link to the OCO mechanism Isolated compartments

6 Current transformers Combined technology
air core for measurement (Rogowsky) measurement precision 1% linearity from 40A to 400kA self powered iron core for trip unit power Integral connector automatically connected One CT per pole Mounted on bottom side of moving contact

7 Micrologic trip unit power supply
Circuit breaker Micrologic Communication module COM Module ASIC Microprocesseur Additionals functions (measurement, analyses...) Basic protection Optical coupling Air CT Isolation Power supply Trip unit power supply Iron CT Optional external 24V DC power supply for : programmable contact power supply, when breaker is open : Powers display, Identification, adjustments through “Com” module BUS power supply Standard Internal voltage sensor or optional external voltage sensor for µP power supply and measurement

8 Fixed Contact Breaking the arc
arcing contact protects main contacts against wear high number of electrical operation increased life expectation Top terminal no internal joint

9 Assembly Reliability reduced number of components simple concept
compact modular Three cases (3x3P & 3x4P) NT NW NW 40b - 63

10 Arc chamber Increased arc impedance favors extinguishing properties
patented metallic filter high porosity energy and gas absorption results in de-ionization of external gas Reduced external projections Reduced enclosure pressure Safety clearance above arc chamber NW : not required NT : D/O no, Fixed reduced Removable for contact inspection NT NW

11 Opening of contacts Commutation principle
Contact pads protected from the electric arc for better performance Return to contents

12 Contents Micrologic socket
Mitop trip solenoid Making current release (DINF) NW Interface Trip alarm contact Remote reset 2 contacts module Communication module Return to contents

13 Mitop trip solenoid Transforms the trip command into a mechanical operation to open the breaker Activate the alarm contact (SDE) NW

14 Making current release (DINF)
Self protection of the breaker when closing on very high fault current Standard on all NT and NW breakers NW

15 NW Interface NW Accessory fixture Trip alarm contact SDE 1
communication module Auto trip controller : Missing trip unit security feature identical on NT NW

16 Alarm trip contact SDE Trip signalisation on electrical fault (Mitop command) Standard changeover contact 10A 240V on all NT and NW breakers Optional : second alarm trip contact SDE 2 standard or low level NT NW

17 Remote reset NT NW Remote reset of a tripped breaker
automatic reset of the mechanical indicator 2 voltages : 110 / 130 V AC 200 / 240 V AC Exclusive with the second SDE NT NW

18 2 contacts module M2C programmable contacts :
to energize bell or visual alarms to shed and reconnect non priority circuits … 2 closing contacts 10 A 240V AC Monitored by Micrologic P et H M6C : 6 programmable contacts in external DIN case NT NW

19 Communication module NT Independent modules Breaker module
data transmission threshold adjustment breaker status breaker monitoring breaker identification wave form capture readings of histories & logs Chassis module transmission of « connected, test, disconnected » positions NT Return to contents

20 Contents Auxiliaries and accessories
Electrical operating mechanism Voltage releases Auxiliaries connection block support « OF » auxiliary switches « Ready to close » contact Locking accessories and BPFE Control unit Operation counter Front cover Return to contents

21 Electrical operating mechanism MCH
Charges and automatically recharges the stored-energy spring upon breaker closing AC 50 / 60 Hz 100V to 480V CA 7 references DC 24V to 250V 4 references Charging time : 4 s maxi Easy installation : 1 screw Local and remote signalisation of « spring charged » mechanical indicator «charged» Changeover contact 10A 240V NT NW

22 Voltage releases Closing (XF) & opening (MX) coils AC 50/ 60 Hz
from 12V to 525V 8 references Com compatible 12 to 480V DC from 24V to 250 V 4 references Security opening coils MN and MNR from 24 to 525V 7 references 5 references NT NW

23 NW Auxiliaries connection block support
Allows the fixation of auxiliary connectors MN or MX2 MX1 XF PF MCH Supports the « OF » changeover switch block NW

24 OF auxiliary switches NT NW NW standard : block of 4 OF contacts
optional :2 additional blocks changeover contact 10A 480V low level compatible simplified mounting : 2 screws rotative contacts directly operated by mechanism NT standard :4 OF contacts identical to Compact NS changeover switch 6A 480V optional : low level contact 5A 480V clip on type NT NW

25 Ready to close contact PF
Changeover contact 10A 240V Indicates : the breaker is open the stored energy mechanism is charged the mechanism is correctly reset the breaker opening push button is not locked no opening order is present NT

26 Installation of Micrologic socket
Left side The socket supports communication module Micrologic control unit NW

27 « open » position breaker locking
NW key locking :1 or 2 locks padlocking : up to 3 padlocks electrical closing pushbutton (BPFE) available on support NT key locking :1lock Locks Ronis, Profalux, Castel NT NW

28 Micrologic control units
4 protection levels LI, LSI, LSIG, LSIV Combined with 3 measurement levels A : current P : A + voltage + power + energy H : P + energy quality management (harmonics) Available functions monitoring and protection measure network monitoring maintenance help

29 Micrologic control units
Common to all NT and NW breakers CT rating / performance socket breaker rating breaking capacity (N1, H1, H2, H3, L1) Circuit breaker is maintained in open position when control unit is missing Interchangeable on site NT NW

30 secondary wiring support control unit and « com » module
NW Communication ZSI External neutral Earth leakage protection (vigi) Control unit external 24V voltage supply External voltage (phases and neutral) Programmable contacts M2C or M6C NT identical except external voltage exclusive with M2C/M6C NT NW

31 Operation counter Sums the number of operating cycles (closing /opening) maintenance help Easy installation Visible on the front panel NW

32 Front cover Front cover installed provides double insulation
IP 20 : finger safe Attractive design NT NW Return to contents

33 Contents Drawout installation
Drawout accessories Chassis Auxiliaries terminals Extracting the rail Racking sequence Primary connectors Return to contents

34 Masterpact NT Lateral side panels
Supports breaker on rails Carrying handles Easy installation with 4 screws NT

35 Drawout connectors Connection between beaker and chassis Connectors
Vertically oriented for optimal heat dissipation NT NW Return to contents

36 Chassis Back mold Clusters Shutters Positions Secondary terminals
Breaker installation

37 Back mold NW Support interface primary clusters
customer bus connection point Location of the shutters NW

38 Chassis assembly Arc chute cover installed as standard
2 sizes of chassis 800 A A 4000 A A 2 variants 3P 4P NT NW

39 Clusters One fits all ! Vertical orientation for better heat dissipation 10 fingers on each cluster across the entire range Clip on type Number of clusters depends on breaker frame size NT NW

40 Shutters actuator NW Reversible upper and lower Quick installation
Controlled by rear of breaker NW

41 Safety shutter installation
Safety shutters « up » and « down » identical but independent Shutter locking NW in front of the chassis on the primary stabs NT on the primary stabs only NT NW

42 Chassis position contacts Connected - test - disconnected
NW 3 changeover contacts 10A 240V for each position activated by actuators Possible to replace the test and disconnected actuator by the connected actuator to get 9 CE contacts NT 3 CE, 2 CD, 1 CT Combined «connected/closed » contacts (EF) NT NW

43 Auxiliaries terminals
2 wires from 0,75 to 2,5mm² Predefined position Simple identification Quick connection Easy installation NT NW

44 Auxiliaries cover Protection of auxiliary wires
Easy identification by tampoprinting Quick mounting with 2 screws NT NW Return to contents

45 Extracting the rails and installing the breaker
Interlock must be defeated before removing breaker Provides guide for breaker Breaker slides in manually to disconnected position NT NW Return to contents

46 Racking sequence with crank handle
Safety Automatically opens breaker before connecting or disconnecting mechanical stop in all positions Push button for releasing each mechanical stop NT NW Return to contents

47 Primary connectors Connector options Rear connectors Mixed connectors
Front connectors Return to contents

48 NW connector options NW Rear connectors NW 08- 32 & NW40b- 50
Al ( ) Cu ( ) vertical or horizontal NW 40 & NW 63 specific rear connectors Front connectors Al ( ) Cu ( ) thickness : 20 mm for all connectors identical top and bottom connector NW

49 NT connector options NT Rear connectors NT 06 - 16 copper 15 mm
identical for fixed and drawout Front connectors long connector on top short connector on bottom side Options for front or rear connectors Spreaders pole pitch 95 mm edgewise terminal extension additional connectors ( eg: for cripmled lugs) NT

50 Primary connection Vertical / horizontal rear
Connectors matched to breaker size NT NW NW 40b - 63 pole pitch :70, 115, 230 mm Specific rear connectors for NW40 Pole pitch : 150 mm horizontal 115 mm vertical identical for fixed and drawout NT NW

51 Primary connection mixed
Without modification of the breaker depth, the primary connectors may be rotated Mixed connectors Coupling torque on the breaker 16mN busbars to primaries 50mN NT NW

52 Front connection NW NT Draw out breaker top side : long connectors
bottom side : short connectors spreaders option pole pitch : 95 mm NW Front connection limited to 3200 A identical top and bottom connectors NW Return to contents

53 Fixed installation Support bracket
Vertical or horizontal mounting up to 4000A Secondary terminals 2 wires from 0,75 to 2,5mm² position predefined simplified identification quick connection simple installation Rotatable primary connectors same as draw out breaker NT NW

54 Fixed installation Front connection and accessories
Identical top and bottom connectors thickness 12 mm Accessories Spreaders pole pitch 95 mm edgewise terminal extension additional connectors ( eg: for cripmled lugs) thickness 12 mm for all accessories adaptable on fixed or draw out NW top side: long connectors bottom side: short ones Return to contents

55 Contents Range and performances
General characteristics NT 3/4P dimensions NW 3P dimensions NW 4P dimensions NT & NW performances IcU / Icw endurances Micrologic range Return to contents

56 General characteristics
Insulation voltage : 1000V Impulse withstand voltage : 12kV rated voltage : 690V Specific versions Switch 1000V AC DC 400Hz - 16Hz 2/3 Transfer switches Manual, remote controlled Automatic by rods : 2 NT & 2NW by cables : 2NT, 1NT+1NW 2NW, 3NW

57 Masterpact NT 06 - 16 3P / 4P Overall dimensions
height and depth fixed Weight fixed : 13 / 18 Kg draw out : 30 / 40 Kg Neutral Pole On left by default protection : 1/2, full, off F: 259 D: 322 3P F: 210 D: 288 4P F: 245 D: 358 F: 290 D: 277

58 Masterpact NW 08-40 & 40b-63 3P Overall dimensions
Height and depth fixed double poles construction for Masterpact NW 40b-63 Weight fixed : NW : 60 Kg NW 40b - 63 : 120 Kg draw out : NW : 90 Kg NW 40b - 63 : 225 Kg pole pitch : 115 mm / 230 mm F: 352 D: 439 F: D: 441 F: 297 D: 394 F: 352 D: 479 F: 297 D: 394 F: D: 786

59 Masterpact NW 08-40 & 40b-63 4P Neutral pole on left as default
protection : 1/2, full, off Overall dimensions Height and depth fixed double poles construction for Masterpact NW 40b-63 weight fixed NW : 80 Kg NW 40b - 63 : 160 Kg draw out : NW : 120 Kg NW 40b - 63 : 300 Kg F: 352 D: 439 F: 297 D: 394 F: D: 556 F: 352 D: 479 F: 297 D: 394 F: D: 1016

60 Masterpact NT Performances 220V to 440V
Icw (0,5 s) L1 H1

61 Masterpact NW Performances 220V to 440V
Icw (1s) L1 H3 H2 H1 N1

62 Performances NT & NW endurance
Mechanical endurance : Electrical endurance : With maintenance Without maintenance Nbre de cycles (x1000) Without maintenance Nbre de cycle (x1000)

63 Current protection type
Micrologic range Micrologic A Measurement type version Current protection type Current protection type 2 : Distribution L, I 5 : Selective L, S, I 6: Selective and ground fault L, S, I, G 7 : Selective and earth leakage L, S, I, V A P H 2.0 A 5.0 A 6.0 A 7.0 A 5.0 P 6.0 P 7.0 P 5.0 H 6.0 H 7.0 H Return to contents

64 Things will never be the same

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