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ASX : ASX : KOR Australasian Fertiliser Briefing Sydney, 24-25 September 2009 Andrej Karpinski – Executive Chairman.

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1 ASX : ASX : KOR Australasian Fertiliser Briefing Sydney, 24-25 September 2009 Andrej Karpinski – Executive Chairman

2 ASX : ASX : KOR 1 Important Information This presentation has been prepared by Korab Resources Limited (“Korab” or the “Company”). It should not be considered as an offer or invitation to subscribe for or purchase any securities in the Company or as an inducement to make an offer or invitation with respect to those securities nor a securities recommendation. The information in this presentation is an overview and does not contain all information necessary for investment decisions. In making investment decisions, investors should rely on their own examination of Korab and consult with their own legal, tax, business and/or financial advisers in connection with any acquisition of securities. The information contained in this presentation has been prepared in good faith, however, no representation or warranty, express or implied, is made as to the accuracy, correctness, completeness or adequacy of any statements, estimates, opinions or other information contained in this presentation. It is believed that the expectations reflected in these statements and opinions are reasonable but may be affected by a variety of variables and changes in underlying assumptions which could cause actual results or trends to differ materially, including but not limited to: price fluctuations, actual demand, currency fluctuations, production results, reserve estimates, loss of market share, industry competition, environmental risks, physical risks, legislative, fiscal regulatory developments, economic and financial market conditions in various countries and regions, political risks, project approvals delays and cost estimates. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Korab, its directors, officers, employees and agents disclaim liability for any loss or damage which may be suffered by any person through the use of, or reliance on, anything contained in or omitted from this presentation. Certain information in this presentation refers to the intentions of the Company, but these are not intended to be forecasts, forward looking statements, or statements about future matters for the purposes of the Corporations Act or any other applicable law. The occurrence of events in the future are subject to risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause Korab’s actual results, performance, or achievements to differ from those referred to in this presentation. The presentation contains only a synopsis of more detailed information published in relation to the matters described in this document and accordingly no reliance may be placed for any purpose whatsoever on the sufficiency or completeness of such information and to do so could potentially expose you to a significant risk of financial loss or incurring by you of additional liability. Recipients of this presentation should conduct their own investigation, evaluation and analysis of the business, data and property described in this document. In particular any estimates or projections or opinions contained herein necessarily involve significant elements of subjective judgment, analysis and assumptions and you should satisfy yourself in relation to such matters. The drilling and equipment featured in this presentation is generally not the property of the Company.

3 ASX : ASX : KOR 2 Organic Farming and Environment “Protecting the safety of our food.. is one of the most fundamental responsibilities government has..” US President Obama "Assisting organic producers is a priority of the Obama administration..” Agriculture Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan

4 ASX : ASX : KOR 3 Overview ASX code: KOR Issued capital:68M Top 20:63% Directors:Andrej Karpinski Executive Chairman John McKenzie Non Executive Director Rodney Skeet Non Executive Director

5 ASX : ASX : KOR 4 52 Week Price History

6 ASX : ASX : KOR 5 Company Profile Korab Resources Ltd was listed on ASX in August 2005 and trades on ASX and Berlin Stock Exchange Korab operates organic rock phosphate, gold, silver, and magnesium projects in Australia and Europe Korab's is developing its mining assets into a low-to-medium cost operations with a potential for long mine life GeolSec phosphate rock deposit located 65 km south from Darwin Currently in permitting process, marketing of product commenced, mining to commence in 2010* Bobrikovo gold and silver mine located in eastern Ukraine Currently in operation, pre-strip completed, mining to commence in August 2009 Melrose gold deposit located 40 km east from Bronzewing mine Currently in mine planning stage, scoping study completed, mining to commence in 2011 * Subject to receiving permits and approvals

7 ASX : ASX : KOR 6 Strategy & Objectives Establish Korab as a low cost niche operator in sectors with strong historical growth and a continuing long term growth potential Organic phosphate rock - growing demand for organic produce, concerns over water pollution and soil salinity Gold – growing demand from India and China, declining mine production Magnesium – growing demand for light-weight alloys, steel, advanced aerospace designs and missiles, lighter cars, fire proof building materials, super-conductive magnets Focus on projects with: low CAPEX, low start-up costs and low working capital needs Located near existing infrastructure (mills, ports, rail, power, water)

8 ASX : ASX : KOR 7 Planned Operations Rock phosphate quarrying @ GeolSec in 2010 (feasibility study completed, currently in permitting process) Gold/silver mining @ Bobrikovo in 2009 (BFS, prestrip and site works completed) Gold mining @ Melrose in 2011 (scoping study completed, pit design completed) Magnesite mining @ Winchester (Batchelor project) in 2012* (BFS, test mining, pilot plant processing completed) * Subject to funding

9 ASX : ASX : KOR 8 GeolSec Phosphate Logistics 100% owned by Korab Located 65 km south of Darwin. 9 km from Stuart Highway and Darwin- to-Adelaide rail line Quarrying, transport and processing costs under $100/t Projected selling price around $500/t Good local demand for direct-application ground-up phosphatic rock Good profit margin with < $1 million CAPEX GeolSec

10 ASX : ASX : KOR 9 GeolSec Phosphate Logistics

11 ASX : ASX : KOR 10 GeolSec Phosphate Logistics

12 ASX : ASX : KOR 11 GeolSec Phosphate Elevated location => production possible during both dry and wet seasons Phosphate starts at surface and continues to 70 m depth Surface quarrying - low cost, low environmental impact, No processing other than grinding and bagging. Large local market and rapidly growing sector with long term growth potential

13 ASX : ASX : KOR 12 GeolSec Phosphate Operations Low environmental impact Local grinding mill available Campaign operation: 3-4 months Production start: 2010* 1 st year output: 15KT 1 st year pre-tax profit: $5-6 million EPS = 8 cents (1 st year) Start-up costs: $300k-$500k * Subject to approvals and permits

14 ASX : ASX : KOR 13 GeolSec Phosphate Progress

15 ASX : ASX : KOR 14 GeolSec Phosphate – Organic Farming Organic farming is the fastest growing sector of agriculture. It also has shown to be immune to the recent economic and financial crisis. In 2008/2009 year organic farming sector in United States has grown at an annual rate of 17% Australia has 42% of global organic farmland Australia is main supplier of organic produce to Asian markets

16 ASX : ASX : KOR 15 GeolSec Phosphate Benefits High specific gravity => easy, low cost aerial application GEOLSEC phosphate is a source of several nutrients other than P. Other phosphates are applied to replenish the soil P status, but GeolSec also provides other nutrients present in this phosphate rock. Multiple use of GeolSec rock restores and rebuilds soil quality reducing need for artificial fertilisers and improving their performance

17 ASX : ASX : KOR 16 GeolSec Phosphate Benefits Can be used on certified organic farms Has lower input cost per unit of P than soluble phosphatic fertilisers Improves carbon balance in the soil restoring its quality and fertility Does not leach into ground water or rivers = no algal bloom & no soil salinity problems Supplies microelements to soil and rebuilds its quality to pre-cultivation levels

18 ASX : ASX : KOR 17 GeolSec and Environment No chemical pollution No leaching into ground water No phospho-gypsum contamination No carbon emissions No environmental degradation Better food quality Better soil quality and fertility Better nutrition

19 ASX : ASX : KOR 18 Contact Korab Website Telephone +61 8 9474 6166 Fax +61 8 9474 6266 Email Mail PO Box 195, South Perth, WA, 6951 AUSTRALIA

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