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Birth He was born October 6, 1949. In Mobile, Alabama.

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3 Birth He was born October 6, In Mobile, Alabama.

4 Early years He attended W.H. Council Elementary School and Williamson High School in Mobile, Alabama. At the age of 18 (as a senior in high school), Lonnie won first place in a national Science competition at the University of Alabama for his invention of a remote controlled robot, called “Linex”, which he made from junkyard scraps.

5 Later years accomplishments Johnson’s resume boasts work with the US Air Force and NASA (including work on the Galileo Jupiter probe and Mars observer project), a nomination for astronaut training and more than 40 patents, but its for a squirt gun that he’s best known. Johnson conceived of a novelty water gun powered by air pressure in 1982 when he conducted an experiment at home on a heat pump that used water instead of Freon. This experimentation, which resulted in Johnson shooting a stream of water across his bathroom into the tub, led directly to the development of the Power Drencher, the precursor to the Super Soaker. Lonnie G. Johnson now has his own company Johnson Research and Development, and continues to do work for NASA.

6 What interests me the most: What interests me the most about him was that he made a really big success on his inventions and his many accomplishments in life because of his interests/love of science.

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