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What is a Lexile measure and why is it important???

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1 What is a Lexile measure and why is it important???

2 Lexiles are important because they measure reading ability and they measure reading materials.

3 Remember when parents used to say that their child was in 3rd grade, but they were reading at 5th grade level! Unfortunately, that was not a good way to measure a student’s reading ability. Within that same 5th grade class were many different levels of reading ability among students. Lexile measures allow parents and educators to select appropriate books for students.

4 How do I find out my child’s Lexile measure?
Every student’s Lexile measure is printed on their CRCT report. It is a simple number followed by an “L.” (example 850L) Lexile scores for readers range from below 200L for beginning readers to L for very advanced readers.

5 How does knowing the Lexile measure help match readers to reading material?
Experts suggest that students should select books somewhere between 100L below their Lexile measure or no more than 50L above their measure. Many books in the public libraries and school libraries have their own Lexile measure which allows reading difficulty to be matched to a student’s reading ability.

6 When the Lexile measure is used in this way, a student’s reading ability and comprehension will improve. Using the measure appropriately also prevents a reader from becoming frustrated because the book is too difficult for them to understand. Typing a Lexile score into the catalog at the public library or any school library will provide a list of books within that Lexile measure.

7 Complete high school and score well on college entrance exam Enter the military Enter the workplace (depending on job) Community College (Savannah Technical College) Complete 4 year college or university

8 Ensure that your child reads every day.
Parents should read to set a good example. Reading newspapers and magazines will show children that reading is a wonderful pastime as well as a window to the world of learning. Ask school or library for book lists within Lexile range. Student’s interests should play a part in book selection. Visit public libraries often. Participate in summer reading programs. PARENTS CAN USE LEXILES TO HELP

9 Please find out the Lexile score for your student.
Ask the media specialist or public librarian for further information if needed. Check out some websites dealing with Lexiles. The GaDOE has a great section on their website! or visit Be an informed parent!

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