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What is appropriate? By Sumaira William.

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1 What is appropriate? By Sumaira William

2 My Classes I teach: 7th General science 9th Biology & Chemistry
School: Karachi Grammar School - Middle Section in, Karachi, Pakistan.

3 Computers in My Classroom
To conduct Internet research at home

4 My Unit Plan My unit will be developed around the importance of balanced diet for a healthy lifestyle.

5 Benchmarks: Plan and carry out survey, experiments and analyze and report conclusions of those survey and experiments Develop understanding that asking and answering questions are part of the process of a scientific investigation Compare prior knowledge to the results of a scientific investigation Apply their understanding to their real world. Share their findings with others

6 Targeted Learning Objectives
Students will be able to Define balance diet Choose a diet from the given menu and analyze it as a balance diet State reasons why balance diet is important Give reasons to explain why different people have different balance diets. Analyze their own diet and make logical decisions. Compare & contrast their diet with some one who has a different lifestyle. Justify difference in diets of Karachites and people living in Northern areas.

7 Curriculum Framing Questions
Essential Question: How does comfort produce discomfort? How does one decide what is appropriate and what’s not. Unit Questions: Why do we need to know about nutrients of food? How does food reflect our life style? [You are what you eat] Why do different cultures have different eating habits?

8 What I Would Like to Learn
How to add music from a CD to a multimedia slideshow Image Processing

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