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Thursday 06 Bellringer EOCT Practice Question:

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1 Thursday 06 Bellringer EOCT Practice Question:
What did the different kinds of finches that Darwin studied have in common? Ecosystem Ancestors Beak Shape Diet

2 Friday 07, Bellringer Explain to me in a few sentences how the image below relates to Evolution.

3 Wednesday February 26 EOCT Question of the Day
1)Around 350 BC the famous philosopher Aristotle claimed that all living things should be classified into two categories: "Blood" or "No Blood." As time passed, the science of taxonomy became much more exact. Which of these did NOT play a major role in advancing taxonomy? the discovery of gravity the development of the microscope the increase in speed of computers the creation of advanced techniques to analyze DNA Discovery of Gravity All of these have advanced the science taxonomy except the discovery of gravity. Classification of living things has advanced directly with the development and creation of new and better technology. As the technology increases, so does our ability to collect specific data specific to the organisms and their relationships to others.

4 Thursday February 27 EOCT Question of the Day
In 1850 there was a large snowshoe rabbit population in Manitoba, Canada. Over the years, the winter coloration (the color of the rabbit's fur) of the surviving rabbit population changed. The graph shows the change in winter coloration of rabbits between 1850 to Based on the data, we could hypothesize that A) the winters are longer in length. B) the snowshoe rabbit has migrated to another area. C) the amount of snow covered varied over the years. D) more snowshoe rabbit predators have moved into Manitoba. C) Based on the data, we could hypothesize that the amount of snow cover varied over the years. Winter white coloration is an adaptation for survival in snowy areas. If more gray rabbits are surviving, then there must be less snow.

5 Friday February 28 Bellringer
In at least three sentences, explain to me three examples of vestigial structures we talked about yesterday. Include: the animal what the structure used to be used for why it is no longer used today

6 Monday, March 3 EOCT Question of the Day
The graph to the right was made by a South American biologist in the country of Brazil, after a long study on parrots. About 200 years ago, 90% of Brazil was covered in mature, deep forest. Today, well over half of this forest has been cut to make way for farms. What conclusion could you draw about the parrots in the graph? A) Red parrots have become less common in the last 200 years. B) There are probably less green parrots today than there once were. C) Blue parrots probably are the best adapted species to live on farms. D) The blue parrot population has likely increased in the last 200 years. B) There are probably less green parrots today than there once were. With a change in environmental conditions, the parrot populations change.

7 Wednesday 3/5 EOCT Question of the Day
All of these wastes would be renewable AND recyclable, with the exception of: A)junk mail. B) a rubber tire. C) an aluminum soda can. D) a cardboard pizza box. C) An aluminum soda can. There is a limited amount of metal ores in the earth's crust. Even though the can is recyclable, metals are NOT renewable resources. A banana peel is renewable (it can be replaced by natural process at a comparable rate) and recyclable (it can by recycled into useful material by composting).

8 Thursday 3/6 Bellringer How can you find a book in the library?
If books were not sorted by subject and number, how would readers be affected? Why would it be helpful to use the same system for organizing books at all libraries? There is an organization system present. Books are classified and grouped together by different things they have in common. Books would be difficult or nearly impossible to find. You would not know what was and wasn’t present. Visitors to another library would be able to easily find the books they needed if the sorting system were the same.

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