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Free Choice Susan B. Anthony Tic-Tac-Toe

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1 Free Choice Susan B. Anthony Tic-Tac-Toe
Write 5 interview questions toc ask Susan B. Anthony For “The North Star” newspaper. Write a letter to Elizabeth Cody Stanton about your Speech at the Women’s Convention. Create a collage of Susan B. Anthony. Be sure to showcase her life and accomplishments Create a crossword puzzle on puzzlemaker using key concepts describing The Women’s Movement. Free Choice Create a skit between Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Write a speech as Susan B. Anthony on the Women’s Movement. Compare and contrast the lives of Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass. Make a biographical timeline of Susan B. Anthony’s accomplishments

2 Collage Showcase the life of Susan B. Anthony through pictures
Use the links to show who she was and her accomplishments. You may use a computer program to complete this assignment. Links:

3 Interview Remember the purpose of “The North Star”
Review your notes to correctly convey the correct message for the newspaper. Answer the interview questions. Links:

4 Puzzlemaker Make a crossword puzzle using puzzle
Use the key vocabulary words to describe The Women’s Movement Select the 8 words for your puzzle. Remember to solve your puzzle. Links

5 Skit Think of a conversation between Frederick Douglass and Susan.
What would they say to one another. Use notes and links to assist you. Links

6 Timeline Use timeline link to re-create a timeline showcase important events of Susan B. Anthony. You may any program to create your timeline. Links:

7 SPEECH Research Susan B. Anthony’s speeches
Look on the links and autobiographies to find Susan B. Anthony dialogue. Use this information to re-create a speech given by Susan B. Anthony at a Women’s Rights Convention. Links:

8 Compare and Contrast Compare and contrast the lives of Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass Utilize prior notes on Frederick Douglass. Complete the compare and contrast graphic organizer. Links:

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