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1 Science Grades 9-12. 2 Agenda- STSEs Purpose of the STSEs Teaching using the STSEs.

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1 1 Science Grades 9-12

2 2 Agenda- STSEs Purpose of the STSEs Teaching using the STSEs

3 3 Learning Goals Participants will: Create a STSE deconstruction map

4 4 Development of STSEs Students are presented with a specific practical, real, or hypothetical problem (or set of problems) to solve. Problems are defined as having no specific correct solution, requiring knowledge construction on the part of the students, and requiring sustained attention beyond a single lesson. Problems as Possibilities: Problem-Based Learning for K-16 Education; ASCD

5 5 Purpose of STSEs Engage students in examining a variety of current world issues. Ground scientific knowledge in the realities of these issues. Enable students to develop a deep understanding of the connections between science, technology, society and the environment. Develop students abilities to make informed decisions, and to take responsible action to address issues arising from the impact of science and technology on the environment and in their daily lives

6 6 STSEs Are Designed to Set the context for learning for each grade level and subject Apply previously acquired knowledge and skills

7 7 Structure of the STSEs Specific Expectation Broad Areas of Skills Links Sample Issues Sample Questions

8 8 What to do with STSEs DaysEvents Day 1Set the context using the STSE. Pose a question or issue to answer Days 2-10 Build and acquire the knowledge and skills to help answer the question or issue Develop a portfolio, journal, notebook as information to answer question or issue Day 12 Culminating activity Answer the question or issue based on knowledge and skills gather throughout the unit

9 9 Deconstructed STSE Relating Science to Technology, Society and the Environment D1.2 assess, on the basis of research, the effectiveness of some current individual, regional, national, or international initiatives that address the issues of climate change (e.g., Drive Clean, ENERGY STAR, federal and provincial government rebates for retrofitting older buildings to be more energy efficient, carbon offset programs, community tree-planting programs, municipal recycling programs, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [IPCC]), and propose a further course of action related to one of these initiatives [PR, AI, C]

10 10 research propose actions Deconstruction Template STSE Initiative information Science Technology Issues of climate change Environment Effectiveness of initiatives Society

11 11 Deconstructing STSEs In your subject group pick any overall or a specific STSE expectation Using the deconstructing template, place the expectation in the middle and brainstorm the different parts of the expectation.

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