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Origin of America’s Government

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1 Origin of America’s Government

2 3 Concepts Brought from England
1) Ordered Gov’t > Structure of political machine > Example: Sheriff, Coroner, Justice of the Peace, Counties, Townships, Etc 2) Limited Gov’t > Gov’t is not all powerful > Magna Carta – people enable the gov’t(…right?) 3) Representative Gov’t > People have a voice in gov’t thru representatives > Why use representatives?

3 Political Timeline 1643 – New England Confederation 1754 – Albany Plan
What is a “confederation?” Main purpose was a protection against the Indians 1754 – Albany Plan Ben Franklin's Idea: Use delegates from each colony Main Purpose was securing trade, protection against French and Indians 1765 – Stamp Act Congress “No taxation without representation” 9 of the 13 Colonies were involved 1st time the majority stood against the British

4 Political Timeline, con’t
1774 – 1st Continental Congress 12 of the 13 colonies attended (Georgia did not) Main purpose: response to the Intolerable Acts 1775 – 2nd Continental Congress ALL 13 colonies were there 1st form of National Government 1776 – Declaration of Independence Formal documentation that stated the obvious “We hold these truths…”

5 The Declaration of Independence
What are the truths that are “self-evident?” What rights are “inalienable?” Where does government derive their “just powers?” Why did the colonist oppose king-appointed and paid judges? Did the writers really mean ALL MEN are “created equal?”

6 Probably have a quiz soon 10 questions or so, over the notes…

7 The Critical Period The 1st and 2nd Cont. Congresses had no legal base
The 1st attempt to “get something on paper” was the Articles of Confederation “Rough Draft” of the Constitution Articles of Confederation created a strong state gov’t and a weak national gov’t

8 8 Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation
1 vote for each state, no matter the size No taxation at all No regulation of commerce or trade No executive branch (president) No court system All states must agree for an amendment 9/13 majority to pass laws “Firm league of friendship”

9 Constitutional Convention May 1787
12 of 13 states show up in Philly (no RI) 55 guys (average age 42) These men became known as the “Framers of the Constitution” The Constitution is sometimes called – “a bundle of compromises” here’s why…

10 Compromises Representation
New Jersey Plan – representation based on statehood Virginia Plan – representation based on population Eventual Settlement – Connecticut Compromise Bicameral (2 houses): Upper House based statehood known as the Senate, Lower House based on population known as the House of Representatives

11 Compromises Slavery 3/5s Compromise
3 out of every 5 slaves would be counted toward the population 13th amendment makes this null Does this make any since?

12 Compromises Trade Congress could not tax exports
What are exports? Imports? Congress could not mess with the slave trade for a minimum of 20 years Check Point Name three of the problems with the Articles…

13 Ratification The Constitution was completed on Sept 17, 1787
39 names signed the document The document was printed and circulated around the 13 states, so that a debate and ratification could eventually take place. 9 States were necessary in order for the Constitution to be “official.”

14 Two Groups Evolve Federalists
Favored ratification (liked the Constitution) James Madison & Co. Stressed the weaknesses of the Articles Stronger Central Gov’t Anti-Federalists Against Ratification Patrick Henry & Co. Stressed the weakness of the Constitution Stronger State Gov’t Wanted Bill of Rights Quick Review What are the 3 compromises that were necessary to get a Constitution out to the people?

15 Ratification Process ___ were needed to ratify. Anybody?
By June 1788 they had the nine needed states Still they waited to make it official…why, you ask… Because New York and Virginia had not passed it What’s the big deal about these two states? By July of 1788 these two made the total 11 of the 13

16 Couple of other things…
James Madison – Father of the Constitution In order to get the state of New York to ratify - The Federalist Papers were circulated (Hamilton, Madison, Jay) George Washington elected in April 1789

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