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EQ: What issues lead to the division between the North and the South? STANDARD SSE2a.

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1 EQ: What issues lead to the division between the North and the South? STANDARD SSE2a

2 VOCBULARY –USE YOUR GLOSSARY TO DEFINE THESE WORDS IN THE PPT 1.Naval stores 9. territory 2.Interdependent 10. emancipate 3.Sectionalism 11. secede 4.Tariff 5.Sovereign 6.States’ rights 7.Secession 8.Nullification


4 GEOGRAPHIC DIFFERENCES NORTH Rocky soil Swift rivers and waterfalls to power its mills and factories Natural harbors for foreign trade SOUTH Warmer climate and fertile topsoil, agriculture Tobacco, corn, rice, indigo, & naval stores Invention of the cotton gin, cotton became “KING”

5 ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL DIFFERENCES NORTH Industry based Growth of cities Depended on one another for food, clothing, and shelter ??????? People expected more services from the government like fire and police protection SOUTH Agricultural (agrarian) economy Mostly farmers(rural) Depended on themselves for their food, clothing, and shelter (farming, hunting, and fishing) People did not expect as many services from the government

6 Political Issues Split the North and South TARIFFS (186) STATES RIGHTS (187) SECESSION (188) DEVELOPMENT OF THE WEST (188) WESTWARD EXPANSION (192)

7 The Issue of Tariffs What is a tariff? NORTH They were for a protective tariff b/c they wanted the South to buy from them! What is a tariff? Name 1 item that the North put a tariff on. SOUTH Against protective tariff because South did not have many industries and they depended greatly on imported goods from countries like Britain

8 STATES’ RIGHTS NORTH Less support for states’ rights Opposed nullification and argued that states did NOT have the power to decide whether or not they would enforce a U.S. law SOUTH Supported states’ rights For Nullification: South argued states should not have to follow a U.S. law if it was not in the best interest of their state-they could declare the law NULL and VOID

9 Seccession North Northerners argued that secession was ILLEGAL South Southerners argued that a state COULD voluntarily leave, or secede if it needed to protect its rights

10 Development of the West North U.S. should sell land to bring in revenue $$$$ to the U.S. government Afraid if land was too cheap, Northern factory owners would lose workers South U.S. should sell land cheaply so it could quickly be used for agriculture which would include slaves

11 Westward Expansion of Slavery North Against slavery because it was industry based and didn’t depend on slaves as much as the South Slavery should not be allowed in the new western areas being added to the U.S. South For slavery; plantation system based on slave labor Slavery should be allowed in new western territories being added to the U.S.

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