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Electric Charge Static Electricity

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1 Electric Charge Static Electricity
Ch Electricity Electric Charge Static Electricity Conductors Insulators Electroscope Transferring Charge 1 1

2 Static Electricity Static Electricity
the net accumulation of electric charges on an object Behavior of Charges opposite charges attract like charges repel

3 Static Electricity Static Discharge
the movement of electrons to relieve a separation in charge

4 Conductors Conductor material that allows electrons to move through it easily ex: metals like copper and silver

5 Insulators Insulator material that doesn’t allow electrons to move through it easily ex: plastic, wood, rubber, glass

6 Transferring Charge Friction
Objects will either gain or lose e- through friction, acquiring a + or – charge Balloons Socks on carpet Car in winter Dryer

7 Transferring Charge By Contact (Conduction)
Touching objects can transfer charge by creating a pathway for it to flow from one object to the other Van De Graaff generator

8 Transferring Charge Induction
Transfer of charge without contact (objects come close to one another) Wall Doorknob Van de Graaf

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