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What will science in my grade teach me?

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1 What will science in my grade teach me?
What is life science? What will science in my grade teach me?

2 Understanding life Science
Life science is the study of living things. Another term used for life science is “biology”. “Bio” is Greek for “life” “Logos” is Greek for “reason”.

3 What do biologist study?
Organisms are the “living” things that biologist study. Organisms can be anything from the biggest of mammals to the smallest of viruses. The following two pictures are two very different examples of organisms studied by biologists around the world.

4 Worlds biggest fish

5 A photograph of Cocci, a bacteria found on the human body

6 What are the branches of life science
Molecular biology (Study of chemical building blocks of the cells) Genetics (Study of heredity) Physiology (Study of the structures and functions of organisms) Ecology (Study of organisms interacting with each other and their environment).

7 Big ideas covered in life science
Organisms are diverse, but similar. Organisms change over time. The structure and function within an organism is connected. The natural world allows organisms to operate on the same pricipals.

8 Diverse but similar There is a huge diversity to life, but there are some things which every living organism has in common. What are some common characteristics between these two different animals?

9 Similarities seen in the natural world
Cells-all living things are made from cells. The cell is the building block for every organism. Chemicals-all living things are very similar in chemical composition. The major chemicals which make up life on this planet are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. Energy-all living things need energy. How do we as a species make energy? Development-all living things grow and develop. Right now many of you are undergoing development (puberty). What happens in puberty? Evolution-all of life has changed with time. Here is a question, what do you think changes with time? Structure means Function-animals and plants have structures which perform special jobs. What are the functions of your feet and hands? The number of bones in each are very similar, but they function very differently.

10 In class assignment Understanding that life science is about the study of life and now knowing what sub disciplines in biology contribute to life science, what are you interested in? Write a one paragraph minimum short essay about your interest in science and what in biology you would like to understand.

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