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Native American By Abdoul and J

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1 Native American By Abdoul and J
Native Americans

2 The Inuit The Inuit are a tribe that have been around for a long time.
The Inuit are a tribe to be discovered more then we already know. I think the Inuit are the most acient group in the world Most of the Inuit are dead only about 20 left in the world. The Inuit men ,women ,and children worked together to stay alive.

3 THE KWAKIUTUL The Kwakiutul depended on salmon.
The Kwakiutul have lived along the Northwest coast of North America for a long time. This area includes Alaska and Canada.

4 The Pawnee The Pawnee are a tribe of Native Americans from the Great Plains. The Pawnee lived in between Mississippi and the Rocky Mountains. Pawnee hunted Bufflulo and rabbit. The Pawnee ate sqash and beans.

5 The Nez Perce The Nez Perce hunted salmon.
Nez Perce lived in between Idaho,Montana. The Nez Perce lived in the northern regions. Nez perce used beads to make their clothing.

6 The Hopi The Hopi lived in the deserts.
The Hopi used cotton for their clothing. They ate the three sisters in the spring. Hopi lived on the Southwest plateus to.

7 Seminole The Seminole lived in the Southwest region.
Seminole hunted rabitt , deer , turkey. The Seminole lived near Florida. They lived inside of Chickees.

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