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Interior Plants – Jr. GGIA Certification

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1 Interior Plants – Jr. GGIA Certification
Michael Ferguson

2 Chinese Evergreen ovate leaf shape
green outer edges with silvery white center often confused with dumbcane leaves are more linear than dumbcane 1’ to 2’ tall grows in clumps

3 Norfolk Island Pine soft textured leaves weeping growth habit
can get up to 6’ indoors needs a bright place indoors often used as a substitute Christmas tree

4 Sprengeri Fern Sometimes called asparagus fern
airy, cloud-like appearance sharp needle tipped leaves red berries often used as a container plant used as an accent plant not really a fern - lily family

5 Schefflera distinct palmate leaves umbrella appearance
can be dark green or variegated (striped)

6 Parlor Palm Tall graceful appearance compound, arching fronds
can get 6’ tall grows in clumps often gets spider mites

7 Spider Plant green and white striped leaves
distinct runners with baby plants at the end. baby plants have areal roots confused with variegated liriope (monkey grass) easy to propagate grown in hanging baskets

8 Croton Brightly colored leaves – red, yellow, red. Ovate leaf shape
many different varieties

9 Jade Plant dark green fleshy leaves green stems
often used as a small indoor plant or bonsai doesn’t need a lot of water

10 Dumbcane very toxic – can cause skin irritation if touched.
--can also cause paralysis of vocal cords, swelling of the tongue, and excessive slobbering oval leaves with white variegation in the center easy to grow interesting flower

11 Dracaena very common brown, scaly trunk is often visible with plumes of long, narrow, spiky leaves up top. leaves vary in shape and size among varieties

12 Pothos (Devil’s Ivy) tailing, vine-like plant
stems can grow up to 8’ long most often bought in hanginging baskets heart-shaped leaves dark green leaves. Some leaves are green and yellow variegated

13 Poinsettia popular plant during the holidays
the brightly colored part or the plants is the bracts (modified leaves), not flowers. mildly poisonous small yellow flowers in center photo-periodic – color changes in response to day length colors can be red, burgundy, white, pink, or speckled

14 Weeping Fig usually tree-form with exposed bark white, sticky sap
can grow to be up to 10’ indoors leaves are green, bark is whitish-gray trunk is sometimes braided to add ornamental value easy to bonsai

15 Broad-leaved Indian Rubber Plant
dark, chocolate brown leaves thick, oval leaves that come to a point on the tip reddish, pink apexes to stems where new leaves unroll some varieties can have white and pink variegation on the leaves white sap used to make latex easy to grow, can get large

16 Kalanchoe thick, fleshy leaves
leaves often produce baby plants (sometimes called mother of millions) solid green leaved varieties are more common with a large assortment of flower colors and leaf sizes. Rely on feel to identify Succulent – stores water in leaves

17 Prayer Plant green, flexible leaves that have symmetrical burgundy spots grows in clumps leaves have an unusual characteristic of folding and bending upright in the evening (like hands clasped in prayer) new leaves unroll

18 Boston Fern Commonly sold in hanging baskets
can be divided – grows in clumps fronds unfurl from fiddle heads

19 Peperomia rigid, coarsely textured leaves candle-like flowers
leaves can be dark green to purple and heart-shaped

20 Heartleaf Philodendron
dark green, leaves are heart shaped vine growth habit confused with Pothos, but there are no variegated varieties of Philodendron one of the easiest houseplants to grow

21 Aluminum Plant Shiny, silver leaves Superhero shield look
small white flowers grows only 12” tall

22 Swedish Ivy Fuzzy leaves and stems Lemon scented Repels mosquitoes
Can be used outside in full sun. Needs bright light area indoors Drought tolerant

23 African Violet very hairy leaves round, slightly heart-shaped leaf
grown for flowers – purple, white, pink, or blue must be watered from underneath water drops make spots on leaves grows very short – 6”

24 Snake Plant 3’ – 4’ tall, stiff, upright leaves with dark green and light green stripes Some varieties have yellow variegation on the leaf edges sometimes called mother-in-law’s tongue easy to grow and divide

25 Gloxinia green oval leaves with serrated leaf margins
grown for flower color flowers are tube shaped and come in shades of purple, red, blue, and white often confused with African violeta

26 Peace Lily Flower Most common indoor plant
large dark green, oval leaves that come to a point. Large showy, white flower that looks like a sail on a sailboat with a straight, spiky appendage in the middle Many different varieties . Some variegated. different flower sizes, but all are white

27 Arrowhead Nephthytis variegated arrowhead shaped leaves
kind of heart-shaped but more pointed some varieties can have pink leaves plants stay small – less than 2’ needs a lot of light but easy to grow

28 Wandering Jew vine-like, trailing growth habit small oval leaves
purple leaves with silver stripes. There are some green leaf varieties grown in hanging baskets or mixed containers very easy to grow and propagate

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