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Welcome to... A Game of X’s and O’s. 789 456 123.

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1 Welcome to... A Game of X’s and O’s


3 Scoreboard X O Click Here if X Wins Click Here if O Wins

4 1 There are three barn cats. Each barn cat has five kittens. How many kittens are there?

5 1 15 kittens Home

6 2 Sticks are bundled into groups of ten. There six bundles and three sticks leftover. How many sticks are there altogether?

7 2 9 sticks

8 3 The first chicken in the hen house lays 2 eggs. The next chicken lays 4 and the next one lays 6. If the pattern continues, how many eggs will the fifth chicken lay?

9 3 8 eggs

10 4 Mama picks some blueberries. She says she had an even number. Does she have 11, 8 or 7?

11 4 I think the even number is 8.

12 5 There are two ladybugs on the front porch. One ladybug has 3 spots. The other ladybug has double that amount. How many spots does the second ladybug have?

13 5 Four spots

14 6 Last year we had 30 cows. This year we have 10 fewer than last year. How many cows do we have this year?

15 6 40 cows

16 7 Mother duck has 5 ducklings. Some are yellow and some are brown. She has more yellow ducks. How many of each could she have?

17 7 She could have 4 yellow and 1 brown or 3 yellow and 2 brown.

18 8 Walking through the field, I found 20 cents. Each coin is the same value. There are four of them. What coins do I have.

19 8 Dimes

20 9 The horse stall is the shape of a rectangle. How many sides does it have?

21 9 Three sides



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