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Outdoor Available Media plan. Vadem Slop going to Vasco 22/-+ 4/- mounting - Immediately.

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1 Outdoor Available Media plan

2 Vadem Slop going to Vasco 31'x16 @ 22/-+ 4/- mounting - Immediately

3 Santacruz T-F panjim to Margao,Vasco & Airport-70x20- @ 25/- + 4/- mounting -Immediately Available

4 Arpora T-F Anjuna to calangute-60x20- Available from 10.09.13

5 Verna T-F Margao to Panjim & Airport-60x20- Immediately Available

6 Guirim T-F Mapusa to Panajim-30x16- Available from 25.01.2013

7 Kesarwal Opp Toyota Showroom T-F Margao to Panjim-20x20- Immediately Available

8 Guirim T-F Mapusa to Panjim-30x16- Immediately

9 majorda_to_cavalosim_30x10- Immediately

10 Verna T-F Panjim & Airport to Margao-50x20- Immediately

11 Old goa nr. gandhi circle bus stop-Top-19.5x4.2,Botam-12x4.2.,Side- 6x4.2-2nons- @ 20000/- p/m

12 Mapusa facing KTC bustand-30x30-Immediately

13 Nuvem T-F Panjim & Airport to Margao-40x20- Immediately

14 Chinchinim T-F Margao to navelim & Benaulim-30x20- Subject to Availability

15 Chinchinim T-F Navelim to Margao-30x20- Immediately

16 Panjim Miramar junction-26x9,14x9-2nons.- @ 95000/- p/m Available from 09.01.2013

17 Panjim devja circle-80x10(Front Lit)- @ 185000/- p/m Available from 09.01.2013

18 Thivim T-F Mapusa to Bicholim & Thivim Rly Stn-30x16- immediately

19 Verna T-F Margao to Airport & Panjim-80x20 - Immediately

20 Margao to Panaji at Kesarwal 30'x16- Immediately

21 Margao to Panajim at Nuvem facing Margao 40'x20- Immediately

22 Kesarwal T-F Panjim to margao-40x20- Immediately Available

23 Margao to Cancona at Sirlim 30'x20- Subject to Availability

24 Chopdem towards Mapusa City-40x20- Immediately

25 Agacaim to Vasco Margao Airport-40x16- Immediately

26 Cancona to Margao at Sirlim 30'x20- Subject to Availability

27 Kesarwal Opp.Kesarwal Motel T-F Panjim to Margao-30x16- Immediately

28 Panaji to Mapusa at Guirim Highway 60'x20- Available Immediately

29 Condolim to Calnagute-30x10- Immediately

30 Airport Road T-F Margao,Mazorda & Electronic City to Airport-58x20- Immediately

31 Gurim T-F Panjim to Mapusa-40 X 20- Immediately

32 Verna to panjim-70x20- Subject to Availability @ 22/- + 4/- mounting

33 Hoarding @ Rs. 20/- + 4/- mounting Note : There will be no guarantee for the flex since all the hoarding sites are situated on the Highways,Therefore you are kindly requested to send the self adhesive vinyl (Sticker.), incase if required the flex for any media we will keep you informed.

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