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The Odyssey, Part IV Geller’s Fabulous Freshmen Fall 2013.

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1 The Odyssey, Part IV Geller’s Fabulous Freshmen Fall 2013

2 Vocabulary Please copy down each word and definition. Leave room on your paper for an original sentence OR illustration.

3 Wily (adj.)  Tricky or sly; crafty The con man was wily, but I saw through his tricks.

4 Revelry (n)  Noisy festivity; merrymaking; celebration Mardi Gras is a time of revelry in New Orleans and elsewhere.

5 Implacable (adj.)  Impossible to satisfy or soothe; unyielding; stubborn My two-year-old is absolutely implacable in her insistence on watching the same episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse two million times a day.

6 Deflect (v)  To cause to go off course; turn aside The officer’s bulletproof vest deflected the barrage of gunfire, allowing him to rescue the hostages.

7 Revulsion (n)  Intense dislike, disgust, or horror I feel an intense revulsion toward anything fried in lard.

8 Lavish (v)  To give generously; provide in abundance (also adj.: extravagant, excessive) The billionaire lavished his new bride with expensive gifts.

9 Aloof (adj.)  Emotionally distant; uninvolved; disinterested; standoffish. I’d like to get to know my father, but unfortunately he remains aloof.

10 Tremulous (adj.)  Characterized by trembling; shaky Her tremulous voice revealed the intensity of her emotions.

11 Your Task  Write a journal entry from Penelope or Odysseus’s point of view describing the interview between Penelope and the “beggar.” Be sure to include his or her thoughts and feelings before, during, and after the conversation.

12 Hmmm…  What sort of thing might you want to do for your final Odyssey project?

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