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Jeopardy Cold WarStill ColdWWIIFDR 1920s Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy.

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2 Jeopardy Cold WarStill ColdWWIIFDR 1920s Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy

3 $100 Question from H1 Soviets placed missile launch sites in Cuba aimed at the US. JFK blockaded Cuba and threatened to invade if the missiles unless soviets withdraw from Cuba. USSR sent ships towards the blockade Closest the two sides came to actually fighting.

4 $100 Answer from H1 Cuban Missile Crisis

5 $200 Question from H1 1500 Cuban exiles trained by the CIA tried to invade Cuba. JFK refused to support invaders with military Invaders were crushed. 1200 were captured

6 $200 Answer from H1 Bay of Pigs

7 $300 Question from H1 Wisconsin Senator who began accusing members of the government and military of being communists. Had to defend his views in front of Congress, were he was exposed for not having any facts.

8 $300 Answer from H1 Joseph McCarthy

9 $400 Question from H1 Led the UN forces against the North. Was pushing North Koreans back towards China. Wanted to attack China for their interference. Publically criticized Truman and was fired.

10 $400 Answer from H1 Douglas MacArthur

11 $500 Question from H1 Germans wanting to flee communism fled from East Berlin to West Berlin. Stalin blocked all access to West Berlin US began to fly supplies over the road blocks.

12 $500 Answer from H1 Berlin Airlift

13 $100 Question from H2 Provided financial support to European countries to rebuild after the war. The goal was to bring economic prosperity back to countries. Communism tends to spread when countries are struggling economically. If people are making money, then communism would not appeal to them.

14 $100 Answer from H2 Marshall Plan

15 $200 Question from H2 Called for immediate economic and military aid to Greece, which was threatened by a communist insurrection, and to Turkey, which was under pressure from Soviet expansion in the Mediterranean U.S. sought to protect those countries from falling under Soviet influence

16 $200 Answer from H2 Truman Doctrine

17 $300 Question from H2 Strategic U.S. foreign policy of the late 1940s and early 1950s intended to check the expansionist designs of the Soviet Union through economic, military, diplomatic, and political means. It was conceived by George Kennan soon after World War II.

18 $300 Answer from H2 Containment Policy

19 $400 Question from H2 The boundary between Soviet-controlled eastern Europe and western Europe.

20 $400 Answer from H2 Iron Curtain

21 $500 Question from H2 A state of political tension and military rivalry between nations that stops short of full-scale war, especially that which existed between the United States and Soviet Union following World War II.

22 $500 Answer from H2 Cold War

23 $100 Question from H3 Operation Overlord June 6, 1944. 3 divisions parachuted behind enemy lines and thousands landed on the shore of France Omaha Beach was brutal for Allies Allies were able to hold an 80 mile strip of France.

24 $100 Answer from H3 D-Day

25 $200 Question from H3 US government established a fixed allotments of goods deemed essential for the military. Households received ration books for buying meat, shoes, sugar, coffee, and gas. Grew victory gardens in back yards.

26 $200 Answer from H3 Rationing

27 $300 Question from H3 To shift from a peace time society to a fighting society.

28 $300 Answer from H3 Mobilization

29 $400 Question from H3 Allowed the US to ship arms and other supplies, without immediate payment, to nations fighting the Axis powers.

30 $400 Answer from H3 Lend-Lease Policy

31 $500 Question from H3 The systematic murder or genocide, of Jews and other groups in Europe by Nazis before and during WWII

32 $500 Answer from H3 Holocaust

33 $100 Question from H4 Supreme Court declared many of FDR’s programs unconstitutional. Wanted to increase the number of judges to 15, with the 6 new judges being FDR supporters Many protested the move and FDR did not follow through with the court packing

34 $100 Answer from H4 Court Packing Bill

35 $200 Question from H4 FDR introduced new legislation and a number of programs Programs were aimed at economic relief and recovery.

36 $200 Answer from H4 New Deal

37 $300 Question from H4 Established retirement income for all workers once they reach the age of 65 or disabled

38 $300 Answer from H4 Social Security Act

39 $400 Question from H4 Social activist who fought for women’s rights, public housing. Supported the common citizen. Often travelled I the place of FDR because of his disability.

40 $400 Answer from H4 Eleanor Roosevelt

41 $500 Question from H4 Harshest critic of FDR Was governor of Louisiana Wanted redistribution of wealth, taking $ away from rich and giving to poor. No one could make over 1 million a year, the rest would go to the government. Assassinated

42 $500 Answer from H4 Huey Long

43 $100 Question from H5 Cultural movement in NYC, African American art, literature and music flourished.

44 $100 Answer from H5 Harlem Renaissance

45 $200 Question from H5 Most Famous of all Renaissance writers. Wrote about the black experience and reminded readers of their African heritage.

46 $200 Answer from H5 Langston Hughes

47 $300 Question from H5 Tin Pan Alley referred to the various music homes were NYC songwriters and musicians composed and published songs. Who was the most famous musician from Tim Pan Alley?

48 $300 Answer from H5 Irving Berlin

49 $400 Question from H5 Technology led to agricultural overproduction Poor farming techniques combined with a massive droughts devastated farmers. Lack of crops led to the _________. Storms that caused enormous clouds of dust

50 $400 Answer from H5 Dust Bowl

51 $500 Question from H5 Many homeless live together in makeshift shelters called

52 $500 Answer from H5 Hoovervilles

53 Final Jeopardy The four factors that contributed to the Great Depression.

54 Final Jeopardy Answer 1.Overproduction and under consumption 2.Consumerism 3.Buying on Margin 4.Stock Market Crash of 1929

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