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What is Theme?.

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1 What is Theme?

2 How do I determine the theme of a story or novel?
The theme or a story or novel is the message the author wants you to understand as you read. Knowing the theme helps you uncover meaning in the characters and the story line. Many times one word can identify the theme. You may need to support that word with text examples. A story can have more than one theme.

3 Acceptance When characters respect and accept others’ differences and beliefs, the theme might be acceptance.

4 Compassion When characters want to make those who are suffering feel better, they feel compassion. When characters feel bad for another character, they show compassion.

5 Courage When characters show bravery or have the strength to overcome a fear to accept a risk, they show courage. When characters stand up for what they believe, they show courage.

6 Responsibility When characters learn to do the right thing and make the right choices, they show responsibility.

7 Perseverance When characters never give up even when facing difficult times, they show perseverance. In other words, when the going gets tough, the tough get going!

8 Kindness When characters are friendly, generous, and considerate of others, they show kindness.

9 Honesty Characters who find that it is best to always tell the truth show honesty.

10 Cooperation Characters who work together to achieve a goal or complete a task show cooperation.

11 Friendship Characters who trust and are loyal to one another exhibit friendship.

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