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Jason. A person who takes risk to start there on business.

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1 Jason

2 A person who takes risk to start there on business.

3 Creativity Make fast decisions Without any data Take risk Independent spirit

4 1. Write a business plan 2. Get business assistance and training 3. Choose business location 4. Finance your business 5. Determine the legal structure of your business 6. Register a business name 7. Get a tax identification number 8. Register for state and local taxes 9. Obtain business license and permits 10. Understand employable responsible

5 Employee-a person working for another person or a business firm for pay. Employer-A person that employs one or more people

6 1) A entrepreneur will perceive an opportunity to locate resources 2) Entrepreneur are more concerned with the launching and sustainable of a business 3) Mangers are business management specialist 4) Entrepreneurs are street smarts 5) Freedom is there utmost priority

7 1) What do we sell? 2) To whom do we sell? 3) How to we beat the competition?

8 Discover,Dream, Design, and Destiny. Discover is were you find something new Dream is something you do at night or day Design is were you make a pattern of your on Destiny is to innovate and action

9 Innovation is absolutely key to business success. Creativity is an important role in a business being successful

10 ( McDonald’s restaurant)

11 At age 15 he lied about is age and order to join the red cross ambulance service on the front line of world war. He was sent to Connecticut for training where he met a trainee named Walt Disney. The war was over before he could go into service overseas. Kroc then returned back to Chicago.

12 He looked for jobs from 1920 to 1930. In the 1940 he was exclusive distributor for the multi- mixer. Kroc decided to set up a chain of drive in restaurants. He agreed to pay the McDonald brothers. He opened his first McDonalds on April 15, 1955.

13 He bought out the McDonald brothers in 1961 for 2.7 million. He established 288 restraints. His sales was 37 Million dollars. By the end of 1963 they have sold one billion dollars. He died in 1984.

14 My entrepreneur was the buyer of McDonalds. He bought out the McDonalds brothers. At age 15 he joined the red cross ambulance driver for world war 1. After he got done with the red cross ambulance, the war was over. He went job hunting and become a multimixer. He went to chain of drivers for restraints. He bought MacDonald business from McDonalds brothers.


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