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1 This GPB Discovery Education Session provides an overview of the changes new to the video streaming website. eSSENTIAL for LTS: GPB Discovery Education.

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1 1 This GPB Discovery Education Session provides an overview of the changes new to the video streaming website. eSSENTIAL for LTS: GPB Discovery Education Overview eSSENTIAL Publisher: Learning Technologist Specialist Priscilla Gipson

2 Objectives Provide a overview of the redesigned GPB Discovery Education Website Demonstrate the new Discovery Education Search options Demonstrate new media for the following GPB DE streaming components: My content, Global Classroom Management Toolbar, My Admin, student access, Web 2.0 2

3 Agenda Objectives Navigation Toolbar Site Overview –Streaming home –My DE –Teacher View New Search Options Cross Platform Builder My Content Classroom Manager Student Access Updated Asset Detail Page 3

4 Preassessment You have 5 Minutes! 4

5 Log in CSK Passcode: 779D-E578 5

6 6 From the streaming homepage, you can search for digital media by keyword, subject, grade level, media pack, or curriculum standards streaming Homepage

7 Navigation Bar & Quick Links 7

8 My DE 8

9 Teacher View 9

10 Personalize Your Page 10

11 Search New Option Universal Search: Find the best content from all of your DE services with a single click. The Discovery Education search function now automatically returns the most relevant content from all of your DE services each time you conduct a search. 11

12 Search: More Options Narrow search results to a single service, media type, or grade band, without having to use the Advanced Search function. Simply click in the Search box, enter your keyword, select your filters and click the search button. 12 Cells

13 13 The video search results page includes a thumbnail image, content title, # of segments, and video length. “Roll over” a title to review more information including a description, preview, copyright, and producer and quick links to view curriculum standards or add to My Content. Video Search Results

14 Rollover Feature Hold your mouse over a video to enable a rollover feature that lets you learn more about the video before you click through to view the content. Rollover the segments link on full videos to view a list of segments from the title. If you prefer the original view, just click the List View button. 14

15 15 You can stream the full video by clicking on the “Play” button, save the video on your computer by right clicking on the “Download” button and selecting “Save Target As”, or add the file to your “My Content” libraries. The More to Explore section includes content that is relevant to the selected title. Full Video Description All videos have a description with information about the length of the video and shows the number of segments available. Note the ability to generate a “printer friendly” page and rate the content.

16 16 Video Segments divide the selected video into short segments that can be streamed or downloaded for use with presentations, classroom projects, and student activities. Click on a segment to play or right click on the “Download” icon to save video segments to your computer. Click the drop down box next to “Add selected items to” box if you wish to include the segments in assignments, quizzes, or Playlists in your “My Content” materials. Video Segments

17 Updated Asset Detail Page Upgraded play ‘button’ : There are now two easy options to play a video or segment. The first is to click anywhere on the gray or blue video area or click on a segment title bar. Alternately, you can simply click the large triangular play button found on the video image in the player. 17

18 18 The Media Settings controls are located directly under the viewer and give you the ability to enable the closed caption text display and select the media player you prefer to use to stream or download a video. Media Settings

19 Global My Content Your My Content, School Content, and District Content sections have been enhanced and are now global across products. This means that you can add and access content from any of your Discovery Education services through a single My Content interface. In addition, My Content is now accessible through a header link found on every page within the site. 19

20 Global Classroom Manager Teachers can now create classes of students then assign videos, clips, Assignments, and other items to an entire class or individual students. Videos and other content can even be assigned directly from the player page. Students can then log into Student Center and access all of their assigned materials. Get your students engaged with online assignments, or provide them materials for a multimedia project! 20

21 Enhanced Student Access Schools now have the option to provide their students access student-appropriate content within Discovery Education streaming and Science. Through school-assigned usernames and passwords students can now view content, access videos, assignments, and other content assigned by their teachers. Students can even download content for use in their multimedia projects. Administrators can control the video content students can access using the content blocking tool on the DE Admin site. 21

22 Web 2.0 Share: Have you found an asset that you love and want to tell the world? Simply click the Share button below the video image and you can now e-mail a link to the video, or add the link to your favorite Web 2.0 site. Want to include a link to the video in your PowerPoint? Just use the new Copy Link (still requires a valid username and password to view the media). 22

23 23 Great Teacher Resources

24 24 Inspired by Discovery Channel's landmark ATLAS series, Discovery Education streaming provides a unique video guide to our world. Featuring exclusive clips from Discovery's ATLAS series, this interactive map provides thousands of videos that show off the wonders of countries ranging from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Zoom in to each country and learn about its culture, government, history, and the natural world. Atlas

25 25 Since all of the digital media on the Discovery Education streaming site is protected by copyright, it is important to include the proper citations for the videos, images, and articles you download from the site. The “Citations” tab displays the essential information in three accepted formats. Just copy the data from this page and paste it into your presentation and lesson files. Citations

26 26 No video editing software is permitted except for those titles that have been designated as “Editable Content.” Students are allowed to keep projects containing video segments in their electronic portfolios if used for demonstration purposes. Teachers may keep video files and projects on disks and servers as long as the Discovery Education streaming subscription is current. Protect the content, especially when creating web pages, so that only subscribers are able to see the video files. Converting digital video to analog format such as VHS cassettes is not allowed—only digital devices may be used. Use the dynamic citations provided with Discovery Education streaming digital media when you cite video resources and support materials. Protecting Discovery Education streaming Content Copyright Issues

27 Professional Development Opportunities 27

28 Postassessment You have 5 Minutes! 28

29 29 LTS Team Leaders SRT 1 – Ruben Barkley SRT 2 – Lisa Hill SRT 3 – Adrienne Booker-McCrary SRT 4 – Shawn Adams OHS– Dan Rhoney Core Team Publisher: Priscilla Gipson Learning Technologies Department 130 Trinity Ave Atlanta, GA 30303 LTD Contact Information

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