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Re-Visiting “INTECH” the ‘mini’ series!. Steps You MUST Take Before Placing a Tech Problem on the Tech Board Sometimes you are smarter than you realize.

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1 Re-Visiting “INTECH” the ‘mini’ series!

2 Steps You MUST Take Before Placing a Tech Problem on the Tech Board Sometimes you are smarter than you realize and can fix a problem yourself! Also, I have been informed by the county office that too many teachers are putting minor, easily-fixable tech problems on the tech board. The tech folks from the county office are spending too much time just plugging in loose or unplugged cords, restarting computers and logging teachers into the network when there are more pressing problems that need their attention. (In other words, I got fussed at!)

3 Always Try a “Restart” First Many times this helps with printers that won’t print; programs that won’t log in, mice that won’t point, etc. Be sure to “restart” your computer before calling for help. (We will ask you if you tried this.)

4 Check ALL Power Cables If the lights are not on then “nobody’s home!” Seriously, power is not getting to the machine, monitor, printer, Novell Network box, etc. if the cables are unplugged or loose. Wiggle them, shove them, blow out the dust. Many times this is all that is needed! Don’t think we don’t realize that all those cables are a mess to deal with, but do the best you can!

5 Logging on the Novell Network If your computer refuses to login to the “tree or server,” try again and be sure to wait a whole 10 seconds (seriously, count it out!) before you type in your login and password. It has become apparent that these new WIN 7 machines need “time” to warm up to the idea that someone is going to log on!

6 Logging on the Novell Network Be sure that you have logged on the Novell Network and not just the individual computer.

7 Printer not printing? Do a restart. Still not printing? Unplug the POWER cord to the printer and let the machine ‘rest” for a couple of minutes. Restart. Many times this small “power” nap will help.

8 Sound Issues? Be sure the sound volume has not been muted on the desktop Check the wiring on the back of the CPU and at the wall Mr. Gunby tapes his AV cords together at the wall to insure a tight connection!

9 Mouse Issues? If your mouse comes unplugged you most likely will have to restart your computer with the mouse plugged in. If your mouse stops working but is still plugged in, try a restart. If this does not work, it’s time for a new mouse.

10 No Image from Projector? First check to see if the orange light on the video splitter box is shining (indicates power to the box). Check all connections.

11 Still No Image from Projector? Bulb may be blown – check for a small red light next to LAMP on the projector. Report blown bulbs to TKB or Gunby Actually, Mr. Gunby changes projector bulbs for us at TMMS because he is young, coordinated, and not afraid of heights. I am neither young nor coordinated, but I can help him carry the ladder!

12 Remote Problems? You may need batteries!

13 Document Camera ? Check to be sure it is getting power If the camera is still not working, put your problem on the tech board. Mr. Gunby and TKB don’t “do” document camera hook-up (per the county tech folks). The document camera is routed through so many pieces of technology on your desk that we have been asked not to mess with it!

14 Personal Flash Drives Unplugged your PERSONAL flash drives BEFORE restarting your computer We have many USB ‘objects’ plugged in for Bluetooth capabilities for our many pieces of instructional technology. These can be left in with no problem. However, leaving personal flash drives in when shutting down and restarting the CPU can affect the drives.

15 But I tried all that... ! When you have tried all the above options to solve your tech issue(s) then let TKB or Mr. Gunby know (preferably by email). We will see if we have any ‘techno’ magic to pull out of our hats! Remember to be patient with us because we also teach classes. Mr. Gunby has class scheduled everyday and TKB has classes scheduled 3 weeks out of each month.

16 Instructional Program Problems? Problems with instructional programs (ALS, Classworks, etc.) do NOT go on the tech board. First ask a fellow teacher who is familiar with the program for help. If the problem persists, contact TKB and she will check with JNewton.

17 Technology is GREAT... when it works!

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