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Ch. 3 Essential Questions

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1 Ch. 3 Essential Questions

2 Standards SS8H1 – Evaluate development of Native American cultures and impact of European exploration on Native Americans

3 Renaissance All exploring of America came after the Renaissance Renaissance is a “rebirth of knowledge”, which started in Italy in the 1300’s. Renaissance ideas spread throughout Europe, causing people to become smarter and ask more questions about the world they lived it


5 Christopher Columbus Columbus believed the Earth was round.
He believed he could sail west from Europe and end up in Asia. He had no idea North America was in his way and “discovered” it on his first voyage 1492. Columbus landed on the island of Hispanola, (present day Haiti and Dominican Republic


7 Spanish Explorers Spanish explorers were called conquistadors, which means conqueror They brought diseases with them that Native Americans had not been exposed to. These diseases caused many Native Americans to get sick and die. Smallpox, Influenza, Measles


9 Hernando de Soto De Soto traveled through Georgia looking for gold.
He entered Georgia around 1540 De Soto and his men killed thousands of Native Americans, but many of them died because of the diseases brought by de Soto and his men. De Soto found no gold in Georgia, but he changed the lives of Native Americans


11 Spanish Missions Spain set up missions along Georgia’s coast.
Missions were created to: 1.)Convert Native Americans to Christianity, 2.)teach Native Americans the art of civilization and 3.)to create wealth for Spain Many Indians moved away from the Spanish and others died from diseases.

12 Spanish exploration and settlement
Spain settled North America 1st France came 2nd, and England was 3rd Almost all explorers came to North America for God, Gold, and Glory Spain settled Florida and south Georgia. France settled Gulf Coast and Canada England settled along the East Coast


14 France France saw the wealth that Spain had acquired by coming to America. France wanted to get rich as well France was a Catholic country, Protestants living there were being persecuted for religious differences. These people were called Huguenots and they came to America for religious freedom

15 England England was very successful at colonizing the America.
England used a Joint Stock Company to settle America. Joint Stock Company allows for many investors to provide money for a colony. This way no one person is providing all the money and the risk to loose all your money is limited. You only loose what you put in.

16 European Settlement England allowed indentured servants to settle their colonies. A person who can’t afford to pay for their trip to America, and agree to work for someone once they get to America. England developed a monopoly over the colonies. They had total control over their market.

17 Mercantilism An economic policy where a colony sends raw materials to their mother country and in turn buys goods from the mother country. England expected the colonists to harvest valuable resources and ship them back to England. In return, England protected the colonies and provided them with finished products manufactured from those natural resources

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