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Chemistry Daily 10’s Week 5.

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1 Chemistry Daily 10’s Week 5

2 1 1. Visible light, X rays, infrared radiation, and radio waves all have the same a. energy. b. wavelength. c. speed. d. frequency.

3 2. The speed of an electromagnetic wave is equal to the product of its wavelength and its
a. mass. b. color. c. velocity. d. frequency.

4 2 1. The energy of a photon is related to its A. mass. B. speed. C. frequency. D. size.

5 2. A line spectrum is produced when an electron moves from one energy level a. to a higher energy level. b. to a lower energy level. c. into the nucleus. d. to another position in the same sublevel.

6 3 1. The Bohr model of the atom was an attempt to explain hydrogen's a. density. c. mass. b. flammability. d. line-emission spectrum.

7 2. For an electron in an atom to change from the ground state to an excited state, a. energy must be released. b. energy must be absorbed. c. radiation must be emitted. d. the electron must make a transition from a higher to a lower energy level.

8 4 1. If electrons in an atom have the lowest possible energies, the atom is in the a. ground state. b. inert state. c. excited state. d. radiation-emitting state.

9 2. According to Bohr, electrons cannot reside at ____ in the figure below. a. point A b. point B c. point C d. point D

10 5 1. The region outside the nucleus where an electron can most probably be found is the a. electron configuration. b. quantum. c. s sublevel. d. electron cloud.

11 2. A three-dimensional region around a nucleus where an electron may be found is called a(n) a. spectral line. b. electron path. c. orbital. d. orbit.

12 Answers & Standards 1.1 – c sc3f 1.2 - d sc3f 2.1 - c sc3f
2.2 - b sc3f 3.1 – d sc3f sc3b 3.2 – b sc3f sc3b 4.1 – a sc3f sc3b 4.2 – c sc3f sc3b 5.1 – d sc3b 5.2 – c sc3b

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