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World History Semester Review Review Game Early Civilizations Greece Rome LeadersAfrica & The Americas S.S. Soup Potluck 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100.

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2 World History Semester Review Review Game

3 Early Civilizations Greece Rome LeadersAfrica & The Americas S.S. Soup Potluck 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100

4 A1 The main purpose of the pyramids of Egypt was? Tombs for the Pharoahs

5 A2 W hat do we call the fast flowing water of the Nile? Cataracts

6 A3 To restore order and harmony Confucius believed government should be organized around what? Relationships

7 A4 What allowed the Chinese rulers to overthrow a declining dynasty? Mandate of Heaven

8 A5 Daoism and Yin and Yang focus on what? Natural Order

9 A6 What is the name of the government of Egypt in which the ruler is god-like? Theocracy

10 A7 What was the advantage of the Chinese writing system? People from all over the empire could read it, even if they spoke differently.

11 A8 Between what 2 rivers is the heartland of China found? Huang He and Chang Jiang (Yangtze)

12 A9 What do geographers call the landmass of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh? Indian Subcontinent

13 A10 According to legend what was China’s first dynasty? Xia (Shyah)

14 B1 What is a phalanx? A military formation

15 B2 What Egyptian city became the center of commerce and and Hellenistic culture? Alexandria

16 B3 What separted the regions of Greece making it difficult to unite? Mountains

17 B4 What happened to the first Triumvirate of Caesar, Pompey and Crassus? Caesar and Pompey clashed and fought each other

18 B5 In ancient Greece a tyrant differed from other leaders because? Seized power illegally

19 B6 What do we call a fortified hilltop in ancient Greece? An Acropolis

20 B7 What is a Republic? Power rests with the people who have a right to select their leaders

21 B8 Who made up the second triumvirate of Rome? Octavian, Antony and Lepidus

22 B9 Why did Roman Rulers opposed Christians? They refused to worship the Roman Gods.

23 B10 What do we call the forced dispersal of the Jews? Diaspora

24 C1 Who set up a panel of experts to compile laws. His wife was Theodora Justinian

25 C2 Eleanor of Aquitane was famous for being queen of what country? England

26 C3 Who did pope Gregory VII fight with over the issue of secular appointment of bishops Henry IV

27 C4 What do we call the Seljuk rulers? Shah

28 C5 Which Carolingian leader reunited Western Europe and was crowned emperor? Charlemagne

29 C6 Name the famous Incan leader who expanded the kingdom into an empire. Pachacuti

30 C7 Name the famous Italian family known for being rulers and supporters of the arts. The Medici Family

31 C8 Who declared himself head of the English Church? Henry VIII

32 C9 Eramus and More were known for what? They were both Christian Humanists

33 C10 Name the Catholic Reformer who founded the Jesuit order. Ignatius of Loyola

34 D1 What do we call the belief where spirits play an important role in daily life? Animism

35 D2 What helps historians trace the patterns of migration? Through the patterns of languages spoken

36 D3 Who is considered the “Mother Culture” of Mesoamerica? The Olmecs

37 D4 Who built Monte Alban the first real urban center in the Americas? The Zapotec

38 D5 What group was able to move the massive stone head sculptures? The Olmecs

39 D6 This West African Empire was influenced by Islam, grew rich by gold-salt trade and was overrun by the Muslim Almoravids. Ghana

40 D7 This West African Empire was ruled by Mansa Musa, grew rich by the gold-salt trade and was visited by Ibn Battuta. Mali

41 D8 This West African Empire were from the forest, spoke a common language and built the Ife and Oyo kingdoms they lacked a central government. Yoruba

42 D9 The Swahili language is a mixture of what 2 languages? Bantu and Arabic

43 D10 Most of the raw materials that exchanged hands in the East African Trade came from where? Africa

44 E1 Tikal was name of an important Maya? City

45 E2 What was used for the Mayan writing system? glyphs

46 E3 What was the codex used for? To keep track of important records

47 E4 What was the first full-sized book Gutenberg printed ? The Bible

48 E5 Who taught about predestination? John Calvin

49 E6 The study of classical texts caused humanists to focus on what subject? Human potential and achievements

50 E7 What scientific concept did Indian astronomers prove long before the Europeans did? That the earth is round

51 E8 What strongly influenced the Russian culture? The Cyrillic Alphabet Written by Saint Cyril and Methodius

52 E9 The Treaty of Verdun resulted in what? Charlemagne’s empire would be broken into 3 parts

53 E10 Who protested the sale of indulgences? What was this practice? Martin Luther Selling of pardons that forgave sinners their sins

54 F1 What was the mock battle called that served as a training exercise for young knights ? Tournaments

55 F2 Which code were knights expected to follow? Chivalry

56 F3 What is canon law? The body of rules that governed religious pratices

57 F4 Which West African Empire encouraged artistic efforts, traded with the Portuguese and was in the savanna? Benin

58 F5 What does Mutapa mean ? Conqueror

59 F6 This Native America group built pyramids, were warlike and dominated central Mexico before the Aztecs. Toltecs

60 F7 Who was a feathered serpent, god of the Toltec and Aztec and his followers believed he would return? Quetzalcoatl

61 F8 What caused the Inca Empire to decline? Struggle between rivals for the throne

62 F9 This refers to the migration of Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Yathrib. Hijrah

63 F10 What is Sunna? This is Muhammad’s example and is considered the model for living a proper Muslim life.

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