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Western Europe The Reformation.

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1 Western Europe The Reformation

2 What was the Reformation?
Religious revolution that split the Christian church Movement to change church practices

3 When and Where did it begin?
It began in 1517 AD Western Europe – began in Germany

4 Why did it happen? Some people were not happy with the Roman Catholic Church – protested against its beliefs Protested events at an assembly that ended the church’s (Catholic church) tolerance for their beliefs Became know as Protestants

5 Who were the important people of the Reformation?
Martin Luther German monk Did not like the selling of indulgences and spoke out against it Indulgence = buying paper that represents forgiveness from God

6 Luther wrote his 95 theses, or statements of belief, in refute to the sale of indulgences
He nailed them to the doors of the Wittenburg Church Copies were printed and passed out throughout Europe Martin Luther was excommunicated (kicked out) of the Church and went into hiding Excommunicated because of he protested against the Catholic Church as well as his 95 Theses He translated the Bible from Latin into German Latin was primarily only used by priests. So translating the Bible in German allowed the common person to read it. People began to challenge the practices of the Catholic Church Luther created his own church = The Lutheran Church

7 Henry VIII English King Formed the Church of England in 1531
Pope refused to give him a divorce from his first wife Catherine

8 How did the Reformation impact Europe?
There were many new churches Renewed interest in education, especially reading Increase in king’s power = Decrease in the pope’s power

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