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Respiratory System. Which Lung is Larger? A.Right B.Left.

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1 Respiratory System

2 Which Lung is Larger? A.Right B.Left

3 Which Structure separates the external nares? A.Conchae B.Septum C.Mucous Membranes D.Sinuses

4 Men have deeper voices due to… A.Increase Air resistance in the nasal conchae B.Denser Cartilage around the Larynx C.Stronger musculature D.All of the Above

5 The “Throat” is also known as… A.Larynx B.Pharynx C.Esophagus D.Trachea

6 The Primary function of the Nasal Cavity is to _____ air A.Purify B.Warm C.Humidify D.All of the Above E.A and B only

7 The structure which determines the direction of food or air flow is the… A.Larynx B.Pharynx C.Epiglottis D.Uvula

8 The primary function of the “C” ring cartilage of the Trachea is to… A.Decrease Air Resistance B.Prevent the Trachea from collapsing C.Swallowing D.Purification

9 The membrane which surrounds the Lungs is the… A.Peritoneum B.Pericardium C.Pleural Sac D.Something else that starts with “P”

10 Oxygen moves in which direction? A.Alveoli  Blood B.Blood  Alveoli C.Alveoli  Pleural Space D.Blood  Trachea

11 The only site of gaseous exchange occurs at the… A.Alveoli B.Bronchioles C.Trachea D.All of the above

12 Which form of respiration is characterized by the following? - Pressure Increases - Volume Decreases - Diaphragm moves Inferiorly - Rib Cage contracts A.Inspiration B.Expiration C.Neither

13 Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Exchange are characterized by… A.Simple Diffusion B.Facilitated Diffusion C.Active Transport D.All of the Above E.A and C only

14 The amount of air a person can exhale beyond normal respiration is known as A.ERV B.IRV C.RV D.FRC

15 Total Lung Capacity is the summation of… A.IRV – ERV – RV B.IRV – FRC – RV C.IRV – ERV –RV –TV D.TV – IRV – ERV - FRC

16 Which lung capacity is greater in terms of milliliters? A.ERV B.TV C.IRV D.RV

17 This is an image of… A.Trachea B.Epiglottis C.Larynx D.Esophagus

18 This image represents… A.Trachea B.Larynx C.Epiglottis D.Esophagus

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