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1 Debby Ford Marion County Board of Edcuation PH: 229-649-2234 College and Career Ready Career Pathways.

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1 1 Debby Ford Marion County Board of Edcuation PH: 229-649-2234 College and Career Ready Career Pathways

2 Academics Career Pathway (A group of 3 courses concentrated on one career field.) 2

3 3 Program Areas & Electives at MCMHS: Agriculture Business & Computer Science Family & Consumer Sciences Healthcare Science

4 4 Agriculture Pathways at Agricultural Mechanics Basic Ag Science & Technology Ag Mechanics I Ag Mechanics II Forestry & Natural Resources Basic Ag Science & Technology Forestry Science Wildlife Management Other Courses offered include Horticulture.

5 5 Agriculture Skills Learned (only a few examples) Welding Electrical Wiring Measurement Small Engine Repair & Maintenance Operating Hand Tools & Power Tools Woodworking Metal Working Public Speaking Management Plant Production, Sales & Identification Managing Wildlife & Forest Resources WORK ETHICS AND SOFT SKILLS

6 6 Agriculture Careers (only a few examples) Agricultural Engineer Forest Ranger Farm Manager Game Warden Agricultural Lab Tech Biological Scientist Electrician Welder Soil Conservationist Garden Center Manager Greenhouse Manager Entomologist Environmental Engineer Consulting Forester Construction Worker Brick Mason Game Warden Botanists Botanists Loggers Loggers Geologists Geologists Ag Educator Ag Educator Livestock Producers Livestock Producers Veterinarian Veterinarian

7 7 FFA

8 8 Healthcare Science Technology Pathway at Therapeutic Services – Nursing Introduction to Healthcare Science Application of Therapeutic Services Nursing Essentials *Nursing Internship

9 9 CPR / First Aid Vital Signs Transferring patients Infection Control Anatomy & Physiology Direct patient care skills WORK ETHICS AND SOFT SKILLS Healthcare Science Skills to Learn (only a few examples)

10 10 Healthcare Science Careers (only a few examples of the over 200 types of careers) Physical Therapist Speech Therapist Respiratory Therapist Pharmacist Surgical Technician Paramedic / EMT Nutritionist Radiologist Sonographer Veterinarian Technician Nursing Medical Records Technician Athletic Trainer Cardiovascular Technician Registered nurse Registered nurse Pharmacist Pharmacist EMT EMT Healthcare Administrator Healthcare Administrator Lab Technician Lab Technician Radiographer Radiographer

11 11 Business & Computer Science Pathway Available at Administrative & Information Support Computer Applications I Computer Applications II Business Communication and Presentation Interactive Media Computing in the Modern World Fundamentals of Web Design Advanced Web Design

12 12 Business & Computer Science Skills to Learn (only a few examples) Keyboarding Word Processing (letters, reports, tables) Spreadsheets (rows & columns of info) Databases (electronic filing cabinet) Accounting & Finances Web Design WORK ETHICS AND SOFT SKILLS

13 13 Business & Computer Science Careers (only a few examples) Accountant Banking & Finance Clerical Worker Entrepreneur Manager Lawyer Receptionist Administrator CEO / CFO / CIO Information Technology Network Administrator Programmer Marketing & Retail ntrepreneur Advertising Entrepreneur Programmer Programmer Loan officer Loan officer Animator Animator Office Manager Office Manager

14 14 Future Business Leaders of America

15 15 Family & Consumer Sciences Pathways at Early Childhood Education Introduction to Early Childhood Education (ECE) Human Growth and Development in Early Childhood Health, safety & Nutrition for Young Children *ECE Internship Nutrition & Food Science Food, Nutrition and Wellness Food, Nutrition through the Lifespan Food Science

16 16 Family & Consumer Sciences Skills to Learn (only a few examples) Working with Children Establishing and Operating a Business Interrupting Nutrition Information Creating Consumer Information for Public Use Food Planning, Preparation, Service Counseling WORK ETHICS AND SOFT SKILLS

17 17 Family & Consumer Sciences Careers (only a few examples) Teacher Childcare Giver Dietician Sports Nutritionist Marketing Food Scientist/Researcher Social Worker Child Advocate Counselor Daycare Owner School Psychologist Chef Pharmaceutical Sales Person Food Service Manager Consumer Journalist Nutritionist Counselor Consumer Credit Counselor Consumer Credit Counselor Financial Advisor Financial Advisor Human Services Worker Human Services Worker Educator Educator

18 18 Family, Career and Community Leaders of America

19 19 Pathway COMPLETER… Complete all 3 required courses of a pathway + Pass the End-of-Pathway Assessment = Receive a certificate from the state

20 20 You can be a completer in more than one pathway! Recommended – Complete at least one pathway and then “visit” other pathways to take one or more courses.

21 21 4 TH Science Credit A student can earn the 4 th Science Credit in these state approved courses… Agriculture Forest Science (Graduation) Wildlife Mgt (Graduation) Natural Resource Mgt (Graduation) *General Horticulture & Plant Science (Graduation & Board of Regents) Family & Consumer Sciences *Food Science (Graduation & Board of Regents) *Food & Nutrition Through the Lifespan (Graduation & Board of Regents) Healthcare Science Intro to Healthcare Science (Graduation) Application of Therapeutic Services (Graduation)

22 22 Youth Apprenticeship (YAP) Leave campus at specific, supervised times during the school day for the work site Meet all criteria for program Seniors Only On track for graduation School schedule allows Align career interests with actual jobs Complete all required documents Trustworthy / Honest / Punctual / Organized

23 23 What do you want to be when you grow up? Education AFTER high school….. 4 Year University Technical Colleges 2 Year Programs Certificate Programs One or a mixture of all of the above!

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