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Neighbourhood Hit Squad Project Mark Baxter and David Szlamp Private Sector Housing.

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1 Neighbourhood Hit Squad Project Mark Baxter and David Szlamp Private Sector Housing

2 Neighbourhood Hit Squad Project Housing Conditions Three Cornered Holistic Approach Community Concerns Environmental Issues

3 Make a Difference The Ultimate Aim Is To

4 Pilot project area New Deal for Communities area (NDC)

5 Project Overview This multi agency project started July 2009. Its simplicity is to focus on a manageable area for six months (About 300 houses) Statistical data collated to street level identifies areas Monthly proactive themes organised by other partner agencies resolve specific issues in that community. Rubbish, ● Energy efficiency Anti social behaviour ● Health issues Crime ● General environment Housing disrepair ● Fire Safety, Access to employment Two areas have been completed Hyde Park & Hexthorpe Last pilot area Lower Wheatley / Netherhall started 1 st September. Second Hit Squad team started in Edlington 1 October

6 Objectives To assess the general housing conditions Undertake internal house inspections to HHSRS criteria To address all Cat 1 and Cat 2(D) hazards To return empty properties back into use Improve energy efficiency Tackle environmental and rubbish issues Tackle Anti Social Behaviour issues Offer help and advice by direct intervention or referral to our partner agencies Improve the general community well-being

7 Meeting Structure Steering group composition (monthly) Assistant Director of Housing (Chair) Assistant Director of Stronger Sustainable Communities Assistant Director Intervention, Prevention & Support Assistant Director of Public Health NHS Doncaster Area Neighbourhood Manager Area Police Inspector Project Officer Stakeholder Group (monthly) Community Groups Councillors Key Partners Key Council Department Partners Any other agencies or groups that add value to the project

8 Key Partners Working with DMBC

9 Key partners within DMBC Public Health Private Sector Housing Planning Energy Team Neighbourhood Team Neighbourhood Enforcement Team Resource Recovery Corporate Policy Performance and Change Team Grants Team Asylum Seeker Team Adult Services Communications Team Families First Team

10 Communicating the Project Multi agency launch event Promotional material Contacted Landlords and residents Community consultation and involvement Attended Community Groups Monthly Stakeholder Partnership meetings Developed an effective referral network Walkabouts Enforcement Procedures

11 Project Network Invitations to attend a number of groups has improved the project profile, assisted other projects targets or joint aims. Acquisitive Crime Group Neighbourhood Theme Managers Group Doncaster Safer Partnership Committee Acceptance by landlords at the Landlords Forum Domestic Violence Group Partners and Community Together meetings The stakeholder group has become an excellent problem solving group Producing quick solutions to problems through group discussion using the expertise within the team

12 Neighbourhood Network Model Structure Local Neighbourhood Area Advice Information Guidance Support Neighbourhood Services Sensitive networking Active Community Local Enforcement

13 Neighbourhood Network Model Agencies that continually communicate with residents. Access to advice, information, guidance & support A culture of shared responsibility

14 Hexthorpe Outcome Information

15 Area 2 Hyde Park Outcomes


17 Questionnaires

18 Pre and Post Consultation results Edlington Hexthorpe Hyde Park Wheatley Average Point Score PrePostPrePostPrePostPrePost Question 1 - How satisfied are you with your area?4.12 5.104.696.055.15 Question 2 - How would you rate the following elements of your community? Housing Conditions 4.18 Improved 5.52% 5.295.485.33 General Environment 4.14 Improved 6.36% Street Cleanliness 3.96 Improved 12.79% 3.524.554.69 Anti- Social Behaviour 3.04 Improved 9.41% 4.805.324.79

19 Hyde Park Consultation Results Mean Average Pre Questionnaire Result4.69 Mean Average Post Questionnaire Result6.05

20 Hyde Park Consultation Results Housing conditions General Environment Street CleanlinessASB Mean Average Pre Questionnaire Result5.294.243.524.80 Mean Average Post Questionnaire Result5.485.204.555.32

21 Current Evaluation Effective External ranking system Positive perception of project by residents, landlords and partner agencies Monthly theme leads Develop a pre and post questionnaire To better evaluate the projects effectiveness Establish the views and problems of the residents prior to entering a new project area Difficult Achieving the Internal inspection target to achieve greater property improvement Continual Project promotion over six months Promotion of the partnership work and its achievements through monthly updates is essential Attend residents meetings

22 Current Evaluation Achievements Starting a second HIT Squad team for Edlinton A robust co-ordinated rubbish enforcement strategy Designing a pictorial recycling information leaflet 2 spin off projects Wheelie Bin Watch Trap Houses Areas to develop Formalise the selection criteria for new areas across the borough Link with other agencies to assist vulnerable residents more directly Access additional funding sources because of the projects wide remit Contact GP surgeries and other front-line health services

23 Wheelie Bin Watch Multi Agency Advice and information Etch onto bin house number and post code Enforcement on bin presentation Aim Reduce bin thefts Reduce bin fires Reduce replacement costs Improve community well being

24 Pictorial Recycle Leaflet Multi Agency Delivered by Neighbourhood team Designed by resource recovery Paid for by NDC Aim To help all nationalities to understand the recycling procedure Reduce domestic waste tonnages

25 Retailer Training

26 The Future… …to roll out Neighbourhood Hit Squad borough-wide! To target other problem neighbourhoods

27 Any Questions Any questions?

28 Neighbourhood Hit Squad Workshop

29 Neighbourhood Hit Squad Project General Three Cornered Holistic Approach Housing Conditions Housing Conditions Environmental Issues Community Concerns

30 Workshop We would like each table of delegates to think of Proactive Projects Enforcement Teams or Support agencies they are aware of that could be utilised to improve communities Note them down on separate post-it notes Place the post-it notes under the most appropriate heading

31 Thank you for coming enjoy the rest of your day….

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