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Smoking – no safe amount!

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1 Smoking – no safe amount!
A presentation for pupils in years 6 & 7 as part of the local ‘Stoptober’ campaign

2 On September 8th the Stoptober campaign started!
The Government use big media campaigns to try and encourage people to change behaviour that is or could be harmful to their health On September 8th the Stoptober campaign started! Stoptober is the 28 day stop smoking challenge Theme – health, campaigns, stop smoking, comparing stop smoking messages The campaign started 8th September 2014 – has anyone seen adverts for it? What do they remember from them? Can anyone explain what they think it’s about? Link to advert clip (30 secs)

3 Did you know……. “Children who live with parents or siblings who smoke are up to 3 times more likely to become smokers themselves than children of non-smoking households”. Why is that??????

4 Did you know…… Tobacco contains a drug called Nicotine
Nicotine is addictive

5 Find out what being addicted means.
Find out about the ‘happy’ hormone dopamine. Find out how long it takes for nicotine to travel to the brain.

6 Why Stop Smoking? 19.5% of adults in the UK smoke That’s about 1 in 5
Half of these people will die early from a smoking related illness That’s more than all other preventable causes of death put together Only 1 in 5 adults smoke in the UK People who smoke usually have other friends or family that smoke, which is why it might seem like more

7 Additional facts and figures about young people and smoking
What does this table tell us about young people and smoking? What do you think about these statistics? Is this good or bad? The number of young people smoking is going down This means hopefully less young people will go on to smoke as an adult Explore some feelings about smoking and how the class feel about peers smoking Is there pressure to smoke from other at school? Why do some people smoke and other don’t? What is helping this number go down?

8 What does this graph tell you about young people and smoking
What does this graph tell you about young people and smoking? What do you notice about differences between age and gender?

9 Media clips Campaigns about smoking, like Stoptober, are one way that the government use to tell people about smoking and help them to stop. The following clips have been shown on TV during different campaigns to help people quit smoking As you watch them, think about… What messages does this advert give about smoking? Does it work? Why? Or why not? Campaigns are one of the ways that the government use to tell people about smoking and encourage them to stop. Five clips are from different ways of giving messages to the public about smoking: 1 – knowledge about smoking (how much smoke is invisible – but not saying what that means) 2 – scary (tumour) 3 – using children and family 4 – Emotional, scary** (somebody dying of cancer) **SOME children may find this clip distressing, depicts an elderly man in hospital talking about having cancer. Has had throat operation so finds it difficult to speak. 5 – Positive - what’s good about NOT smoking? (benefits of being smokefree)






15 Additional information about Stoptober and giving up smoking
Stoptober is a campaign based on positive messages about being smokefree It also shows people that with support from friends and family, it can be easier to quit Smokefree South Gloucestershire are the free service to help people aged 12+ who want to quit smoking The school will send out information for young people and their parents about where they can go for help to stop

16 Stoptober

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