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Appleby Magna Thermal Imaging Project Appleby Environment Appleby Magna Parish Council.

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1 Appleby Magna Thermal Imaging Project Appleby Environment Appleby Magna Parish Council

2 Rural village, c. 500 houses Mix of housing types inc: - historic buildings - modern executive homes - social housing Socially mixed: - farmers, ex-miners - commuters - retired Appleby Magna??

3 Working Together  Longstanding community group  Working on a range of issues  30+ supporters  Enthusiastic volunteers  Systems for managing tenders, contracts, budgets  Reassurance of ‘community interest’  Allayed privacy concerns Appleby EnvironmentAppleby Magna Parish Council

4 New Approach  We all know energy saving is important  There is lots of information out there  But most of us don’t make the changes needed  Thermal imaging of our community  New, visually engaging approach  Significance of us all making changes  Simple solutions not high pressure sales Individual Problem?Shared Problem?

5 Martin Hosier of TS Thermal Survey “This has been a really unusual project. It is interesting to compare buildings of all types and ages within one community”

6 What we Wanted to Achieve  Make energy saving a community issue  Make people feel their individual actions added up to something bigger  Provide people with information & options on their own property  Analyse results at community level  No-one named and shamed  Motivated to take action

7 Explaining Our Approach  Before survey  Leaflets door to door  Parish News & village website  Local press  Before exhibition  Repeat Thermal Images of a Whole Village Exhibition 5 th March Appleby Magna Church Hall

8 The Benefits of Publicity  Everyone knew imaging was happening & why  Positive response  Only 1 person asked not to be included  Many invited us onto their land to get a better image  High turnout for event  Village talking point before the event

9 The Imaging Process  Engaged contractors TS Thermal Survey Ltd  Pictures taken over four evenings in January  We provided list of houses, location, access etc  Images linked to spreadsheet of addresses  Specialist software used to provide rating for houses (A-G)  This allowed us to produce graphs of results by housing type/road etc

10 Preparation  Significant effort up-front so we could use the images as we wanted

11 Analysis of Images  Had to learn to ‘read’ images  Combined this with local knowledge  Age of properties  Property types  Personal contacts

12 Similar Age, Different Developer

13 1960s vs Victorian

14 Engaging People via the Exhibition  Display panels overview of findings  Rolling presentation of all images (487)  Opportunity to view image of own property  Talk to the Surveyor

15 Green Achievements  Generated interest in ‘mundane’ topic of insulation by using thermal imaging  Demonstrated  new houses not always better than old  houses can look similar, act differently  ‘simple’ solutions like closing curtains make a difference  Changed people’s attitudes towards their home’s insulation  Comments like ‘I didn’t realise my cavity walls were still letting out heat’

16 Community Achievements  Major talking point in the village  157 people attended the Exhibition  Stands from RCC, NWLDC, National Forest extended interest and information  Tea & biscuits kept people talking!  Sent out over 70 images after event  Recruited supporters to Appleby Environment  More active support for our other projects on transport and local food

17 How we Achieved It  Our volunteers and supporters backed by Parish Council  Twelve volunteers worked directly on the project  over 160 hours, worth £1,120  Communities Cutting Carbon fund grant of £4,250  covered 73% of costs  This allowed us to engage professional contractors making the detailed analysis possible Volunteers and SupportersCommunities Cutting Carbon grant

18 Legacy  We have  Made images available to householders  Put our analysis on our website  Negotiated discounts for people who want more detailed reports  Circulated information on what can be done  Shown the potential for the community to reduce its carbon footprint

19 What Next?  We have raised awareness and interest and provided information... But we need to keep up the momentum  By the time we had the exhibition it was already Spring and now we are having a warm Autumn...  We are considering events such as ‘Open Eco- houses’, Identifying sources of low cost materials; DIY-helpers etc., Targeted leaflets etc.

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