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Improving Migration and Population Statistics: Mid-Year Estimates Office for National Statistics Centre for Demography.

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1 Improving Migration and Population Statistics: Mid-Year Estimates Office for National Statistics Centre for Demography

2 Agenda 1.Introductions and Objectives of Meeting11:00 2.Local Authority presentations11:15 3. Lunch12:15 4.Summary of Migration Statistics Improvement 12:45 Programme - improvements to methods so far 5.Plans for phase two of the Migration Statistics13:00 Improvement Programme 6. Discussion13:45 7.Close14:30

3 Objectives To contribute to the aim of the cross- government programme to improve migration statistics with particular emphasis on local area migration statistics To provide local authority users with an opportunity to comment on the improved estimates To discuss plans for phase two of the Migration Statistics Improvement Programme To enable more effective user consultation

4 Migration Statistics Improvement Programme – Phase 1 Nigel Swier ONS Centre for Demography

5 Overview Background to the Migration Statistics Improvement Programme (MSIP) MSIP Phase 1 Improvements affecting LA estimates QA & User engagement Summary

6 The Challenge No system of compulsory migration registration Rapid changes in levels and distribution Increasingly complex patterns Estimates required at local authority (LA), regional and national levels

7 Efforts to improve migration statistics The 2001 ‘Census gap’ ONS IMPS Programme (2003) –LA Case Studies –The 2007 improvements package Major Reviews (2006-2008) –Inter-departmental Task Force on Migration Statistics –TSC Report on ‘Counting the Population’ Migration Statistics Improvement Programme (2008) –Cross government programme –Led by National Statistician with Ministerial Group

8 MSIP: Phase 1 Improved cross-government reporting Development and access to administrative data sources (DWP, HESA, DSCF) Improvements to survey sources (IPS, IHS) New products: –Short-term migration estimates –Migration Indicators –Quarterly IPS estimates Improvements to LA estimates for the next 3 year finance settlement

9 Improvements affecting LA estimates Replacement of 2001 Census distribution to estimate immigration to LA level with a modelling approach incorporating a wide range of data sources Methodology for distributing emigration to LA level made more robust and consistent with immigration modelling Data from Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) used to improve internal migration estimates by adjusting for uncaptured student migration

10 Distribution of impact across all LAs 2002 to 2008 Camden has been excluded from this chart

11 QA & User engagement ONS Internal Review Groups Local Insight Reference Panels Expert Peer Review Group 2009 Roadshows (June & December) User Engagement (30 Nov 2009 to 18 January 2010)

12 Issues raised during user engagement Student adjustment assumptions Data used in the international migration models Use of intermediate geographies International migration regional totals Comparisons with other data sources

13 Summary Migration has always been difficult to measure accurately and is becoming even more difficult The remit of the MSIP is to improve migration statistics in the broadest sense The latest LA estimates are the best possible that could have been produced (although ONS acknowledge they are not perfect) Phase 1 has delivered other improvements Phase 1 work on administrative sources provides a platform for further improvements in Phase 2

14 Migration Statistics Improvement Programme – Plans for Phase 2 Ben Humberstone ONS Centre for Demography

15 Phase 2 Workstreams Admin Sources E-borders Methods Quality User Engagement

16 Admin Sources Workstream Key deliverable – plausibility range and contingency adjustment strategy Quality assessment of admin sources Assessment of long/short term migrants Demographic analysis Age Pop Local Authority X Contingency Adjustment

17 Methods Workstream Key deliverable – improved regional/local authority distribution of long and short term migrants Utilising admin sources to distribute migrants estimated by IPS (national/regional level) Solving the ‘intermediate geography’ issue. IPS Estimate Children - School Census Workers - Lifetime Longitudinal DB (L2), Migrant Worker Scan, Students - Higher Ed Stats Auth General - Flag 4 Patient Register,

18 E-Borders Workstream Key deliverable – Improved international migration estimates Short term – looking for improvements to weighting of IPS and ‘lead indicators’ for patterns of migration Medium/long term – development of travel history analysis leading to direct estimation of migration(?)

19 Other Work Quality key deliverable – measurement of uncertainty around pop ests at LA level, builds on ‘plausibility ranges’ Ongoing user engagement – ‘Roadshows’ in the autumn after the MSIP Programme Board Quarterly updates and research reports Further work on student moves utilising microdata

20 Dependencies 2011 Census Demographic Quality Assurance Measures of long and short term migrants possible for the first time Local Authority engagement Beyond 2011 Project Looking at what might come after the 2011 Census Assessing the feasibility of a range of options Comprehensive Spending Review

21 Next Steps Review plans for Phase 2 in the light of today’s meeting Develop detailed plans for submission to the Migration Statistics Improvement Programme Board in September MSIP Phase 2 Roadshows in the autumn Delivery of improved methods Revisions to population estimates? 2011 Census!

22 Questions?

23 Discussion To what extent do the plans outlined for Phase 2 address the concerns raised in the first session? Has anything been overlooked in the plans? How best can we keep you informed?

24 Time Migrant Journey Apply for a visa (non EEA) Leave UK Start work/course Arrive in UK HESA E-borders Patient Register School Census NIRS(Migrant Worker Scan) Work and Pensions Longitudinal Study Lifetime Labour Market Database Electoral Register Register with GP Dependents start school PBS Election – register to vote E-borders Activities Admin Sources Move within UK Change GP The migrant journey and administrative sources

25 Phase 1 delivery Improvements to administrative sources Development of methods (linking) e-Borders specification e-Borders methods e-Borders statistical delivery CensusResults Understanding Census results Further development May 2010 2011 20122013 RevisionsRebased estimates Improved estimates and products Good Census QA Use of best sources Minimal gap Future population estimate systems Timeline What do we get?

26 Context - Change Net migration Natural change

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