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Partnership Tasking &Co-ordination Protective Marking: NOT RESTRICTED Publication Scheme: Suitable for Publication File Name: Safer Lambeth Presentation.

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1 Partnership Tasking &Co-ordination Protective Marking: NOT RESTRICTED Publication Scheme: Suitable for Publication File Name: Safer Lambeth Presentation 07.01.10. Purpose: This will be used to inform the Safer Lambeth PTAC meeting and aid decision making with regards to resource allocation over the next 2 weeks. The period covered in this report is as below. The report is based on recorded crime, partnership databases, Information and Intelligence Reports and analytical & intelligence products. Branch: Lambeth Partnership Information Unit Date created: 4 th January 2010 Review Date: 4 th January Title and Version: Safer Lambeth Partnership Tasking and Co-ordination: 7 th January 2010 Authors: Oliver Murray, Matt Gayle….

2 2 Any information relating to this presentation should be passed to Russell Taylor at CRIME OVERVIEW

3 2 week Analysis (21/12/2009 – 03/01/2010) Coldharbour Herne Hill Vassall BURGLARY Week 1 – 36 Week 2 – 38 Knights Hill Gipsy Hill Ferndale (Acre Lane)

4 2 Week Map (21/12/2009 – 03/01/2010) COLDHARBOUR, HERNE HILL, VASSALL Offences 11 substantive, 4 attempted Location: Around border of Herne Hill with Vassall Coldharbour Ward(s): Vassall, Coldharbour, Herne Hill Days: Mon (2) Tue (2) Wed (1) Thu (3), Fri (4) Sat (2), Sun (1) Times: 10 day-time - (0700 – 2330) (8 Occurred after 1130) (2 Night-time, 2 Overnight, 1 unknown) MO: Door (6) (all front doors – all forced) Window (9) (4 front, 5 rear – either Houses or round floor flats) Property: 7 venues had items stolen All portable items Week 1 – 6 offences Week 2 – 9 offences

5 Ofences 8 substantive, 2 attempted, 1 artifice Location: Mainly East of Knights Hill Ward(s): Knights Hill & Gipsy Hill Days: Fri (4), Wed (3) Times: between 0730 - 2200) (7 after 1230) (6 between 1230 – 1750) MO: Door (7) (all front) Window (4) (all rear or side entries) Property: 6x TV’s of 32” or over taken from 5 venues.3 TV’s were attempted from 1 venue before victim disturbed suspects. Suspects:2 descriptions from venues where TV’s were taken: 2x black males, approx age 18. Week 1 – 6 offences Week 2 – 5 offences  TV’s Stolen KNIGHTS HILL, GIPSY HILL

6 NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH NHW is growing in Lambeth but your help is required to encourage others to set up new watches. Figures show that where there are active watches, burglaries in particular are reduced. The NHW Street Sign is a deterrent. Encourage Lambeth residents on your ward to start their own NHW. For advice contact Karen Hunn Lambeth Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Tel; 020 7926 2716 or Mobile 07768 068281 Email;

7 Most Serious Violence and Knife Crime 2-Week Offences 13 offences Including 6 Robbery of the Person, 5 GBH, 1 Commercial Robbery, 14 KEC offences in previous fortnight = 7% drop this fortnight Knife Hotspot Map 12/10/09 to 03/01/10 2-Week Offences 35 in total 6 offences linked to Social venues/alcohol. 2 of which took place on New Years eve MSV Hotspot Map 12/10/09 to 03/01/10 Location 1: Coldharbour/Vassall Wards In almost all cases parties are known to each other committed at varied times throughout the fortnight 1 2 Location 2: Gipsy Hill Parties are unknown to each other in all but one offence. All committed at varied times throughout the fortnight. Location 1: Stockwell/Vassall Sharp object used to injure in 4 offences Knife seen to intimidate victim, 4/7 offences took place outdoors. 1 Gipsy Hill and Knights Hill

8 8 MOTOR VEHICLE CRIME 83 Motor Vehicle offences between 21/12/09 to 03/01/10: Theft from MV (55), Theft of MV (28). Offences have decreased by 18% (18) offences compared to the previous two weeks. Theft from MV decreased by 14 offences (20%), whilst Theft of MV decreased by 4 offences (12.5%). Compared to the same period last year, offences have decreased by 2.3% (2) offences. Biggest ward contributors: Princes (10), Gipsy Hill (8). Roads with 2 or more offences during the most recent two- week period: CUBITT TERRACE, SW4 JONATHAN STREET, SE11 LILFORD ROAD, SE5 SANCROFT STREET, SE11 TYERS STREET, SE11 VAUXHALL STREET, SE11 WANDSWORTH ROAD, SW8

9 9 MOTOR VEHICLE CRIME Main Area – Princes Ward in SE11 Roads around Jonathan Street, Vauxhall Street, Tyers Street – 9 offences in the highlighted area, Theft from MV (8). Peak days: Sunday, Saturday, Friday, Wednesday – all since 29 th December. Peak time period was overnight/early morning (including two offences 0700-0730). Main MO was to take items from vehicle by smashing a window (5). VRM Number plates were taken on two occasions. : Sat Navs (2), Car Stereo (1), Mobile phone (1), Games Console (1), Alcoholic drink (1). Two arrests have now been made, both due to vigilant work by members of the public.

10 YOUTH CRIME OVERVIEW Please note, suspect data is based on actual and estimated ages and therefore should be used as a guide only. All agencies to pass information to PIU regarding any youth tensions.

11 YOUTH CRIME OFFENDERS 109 offences with youth suspects/ accused between 21/12/2009 to 03/01/2010. This is an decrease of 67 offences (38.1% ) compared to the previous two weeks. Compared to last year, there has been an decrease of 17 offences ( 13.5% ). Biggest ward contributors: Coldharbour (11), Gipsy Hill (10), Tulse Hill (10), Bishops (9)and Larkhall (8). Main offence was Robbery of the Person (22), followed by ABH and Malicious wounding (10). Peak days for offending were spread throughout the week, but there was a slight increase on Thursday. The peak time for offending was between 1600 and 2200hrs. The main area of concentration extends from Brixton Town Centre to the surrounding area.


13 13 ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOUR REPORTING LINE The new Antisocial Behaviour Reporting Line Reports can be anonymous 0207 9264 000

14 CONTROLLED DRINKING ZONE (CDZ) Discretionary power for police officers to confiscate alcohol or require someone stop drinking in public places Failure to comply can result in arrest and/or fine of £500 The Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001 This NOT a ban on public drinking; Intended to address alcohol-related ASB ASB should be evident or likely. The confiscation to be recorded Multi-agency approaches (e.g. working with outreach for street drinkers) Training slides available from

15 15 ASB CALLS: SUBSTANCE MISUSE There were 47 Drug related calls in Lambeth between 21/12/2009 to 03/01/2010. Biggest ward contributors: - Coldharbour (8) - Princes (5) - Streatham Wells (4) - Stockwell (4). Main repeat locations are: - Kingscroft Estate (3) -Cleaver Square (3) -Peak days for offending were spread throughout the week apart from a decrease on Monday. Peak times are between 1100 – 1800 hours (23 calls) and 2000 to 2300 hours (12 calls).

16 16 HIGHLIGHTED INDIVIDUALS Please note that the following slides are not to be published

17 ID SOUGHT Recommendations Any identifications call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or Russell Taylor on 07766776046 16987 BURGLARY 08/12/2009 Lambeth 17010 17009 17008—17010 THEFT BAG 04/11/2009 Lambeth 17078 ROBBERY 26/11/2009 Lambeth

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