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Embedding our Learning Offer: Gloucestershire Libraries & Information.

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1 Embedding our Learning Offer: Gloucestershire Libraries & Information

2 Format 1.Round the table introductions 2.Learning in the Library power point 3.Scenarios 4.Q & A / Discussion / Learning strategy

3 Gloucestershire Libraries & Information Background: 39 Libraries – free membership (2 Reference Libraries) 6 geographic areas Free computers and internet access all libraries Free ICT tasters offered by all libraries 3 Policy areas: Information and Adult Learning Access and Reader Development Children and Young People

4 Learning in Libraries – the past Historically informal learning – reading books, magazines, newspapers, reference research, using study space available – impossible to quantify Started to offer libraries as venues for community learning and for advisory surgeries from CAB usually when libraries closed

5 Learning in Libraries - progress Computers introduced in all libraries @2002 All staff trained in ICT skills needed to support customers using equipment (ECDL level) Started to offer free informal ICT tasters At same time started to offer advisory sessions when library open e.g IAG, pensions

6 Learning in Libraries - progress Computers enabled us to offer formal learning via online route e.g. Learn Direct, ECDL Offer wide range of online information (VRL) as well as hardcopy resources Demand for ICT taster sessions continually growing

7 Learning in Libraries - initiatives Information Society @ 2001/02 Family Learning Adult Learning Basic Skills agenda 2003/04- First Choice collections and Got Kids Get Reading Created strong partnerships to meet these needs

8 Learning in Libraries NOW We facilitate access + signpost to other learning providers A range of informal and formal learning opportunities happening (Individual and group) Needed to clarify our learning role to staff, partners and customers Learning Strategy developed 2005, consulted with GCC Adult Education

9 Learning Strategy Aims and Objectives: Confirm learning role in county Focus, quality, consistency Integrated approach to learning within GCC Establish Action Plan (2009)

10 Aims and Objectives : Raise our learning profile Increase staff awareness & confidence Develop resources Improve our infrastructure (ICT, buildings) Monitor and evaluate More choice for learner – levels, methods, locations, chance to sample in library

11 Who Learns in Libraries? Scenarios - The Smith family Mother, Father Grandmother, Baby, Child, teenage

12 Discussion Q & A How can we work with you? e.g. Libraries as venues for learning Advisory surgery in libraries e.g. drop-in Can we help to promote your services (directories, leaflets in files, weblinks?) Feedback about Learning strategy

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