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No.No. 1 Knowing our community session Part 1: The Poles.

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1 No.No. 1 Knowing our community session Part 1: The Poles

2 No.No. 2 What we will cover Poland in Europe Geography and climate History and culture Immigration to the UK Poles in Banbury Community links Comments and feedback

3 No.No. 3 Poland in Europe

4 No.No. 4 Geography and climate

5 No.No. 5 History Poland as a country Wars Poland divided Back on political scene World War II Russian influences European life

6 No.No. 6 Culture and faith Tolerance and diversity Catholic church Music Sport

7 No.No. 7 Famous Poles John Paul the II Lech Walesa Nicolaus Coprenicus Michael Marks Marie Curie Frederik Chopin Józef Korzeniowski (Joseph Conrad) Roman Polanski Pope Former President Astronomer Founder of Marks and Spencer Chemist Composer Writer Movie director

8 No.No. 8 Two Stream of Polish immigration to UK World War II 01.05.2004 – accession to European Union

9 No.No. 9 Statistics Statistics show four out of ten young Poles live in stress. Where do the rest live? In London

10 No.No. 10 Poles in Banbury Numbers Why Banbury? Are they intend to stay? What kind of problems do they experience? How and where do they socialize?

11 No.No. 11 Tough questions Why we should support them (benefits etc.)? Is immigration useful?

12 No.No. 12 Community links Polish Association in Banbury Polish Saturday School

13 No.No. 13 Do you like football? Manchester City Arsenal Everton Manchester United Bolton Wanderers Arsenal West Brom Celtic Adrian Cieslewicz Lukas Fabianski Lukas Jutkiewicz Tomasz Kuszczak Euzebiusz Smolarek Wojciech Szczesny Bartosz Slusarski Artur Boruc

14 No.No. 14 Food Bigos Mushroom picking Blueberries Swan eaters?

15 No.No. 15 Thank You

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