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Phase 1a Consultation June 2013 Feedback on the consultation & modifying the phase 1 proposals as a result Proposals to reshape the council to meet future.

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1 Phase 1a Consultation June 2013 Feedback on the consultation & modifying the phase 1 proposals as a result Proposals to reshape the council to meet future needs and opportunities

2 A reminder… where we are at We are working in a rapidly changing landscape that presents opportunities and challenges All local authorities are having their funding reduced We are also seeing service pressures and new responsibilities We need to rebalance our service delivery to meet new needs and opportunities and also be realistic about what we can and cannot do moving forward when we have some £40m to save over the next 3 years

3 About this session This session will cover: Sharing with you what the main themes were from the consultation How we are proposing to modify the phase 1 proposals as a result Areas from the original proposals that we are suggesting should remain the same The next steps

4 What we did In June we sought views on the proposals overall and also specifically about Phase 1, which relates to Directors and Heads of Service There was a tremendous response to the consultation - Thank You There were some extremely positive, helpful and optimistic responses Inevitably, feedback also focuses on concerns and challenges going forward

5 What this means We have listened and adapted the proposals Some of the proposed changes are significant We believe it is only right that we consult, briefly, with you about this We need to be really sure that these are the right things to do Plus, it provides an opportunity for those affected to have a say We are calling this Phase 1a

6 Comments from the last consultation If you submitted a response through the consultation you will have already had, or will be getting a response specifically to you Please bear with us as some responses were very thorough and we also had a lot of them

7 What people have said Overall views about the Reshaping Proposals Makes sense We need to change to sustain services Welcomed the alignment of services with delivery portfolios with corporate functions The exercise is well overdue Positively behind changes to how we work to achieve this The approach to the reshaping had been honest, open and clear

8 What people have said Comments that without some idea of the structure below Head of Service level was difficult at this stage to be totally confident it could work Some staff teams are being run on staff levels that are impractically low Views that a stream of redundancies and job cuts has resulted in the loss of a lot of experience and knowledge Pleased to see aspirations to cut out services that we cannot deliver well with our reduced resources

9 Customer Services Supportive of the move to have consistency around customer services Reservations about having enough resources to do this properly Lots of comments about web offer

10 Neighbourhood working People welcomed the proposals Brings opportunities in terms of service improvements and efficiencies by drawing together areas involved in management of the public realm A lot of support for Multi-Disciplinary Neighbourhood Teams Concerns that some services cannot or should not be on a neighbourhood basis as this may not work Should result in better integration of frontline services Create opportunities for better use of supervisory time and skills Current overlaps and duplication of services which would reduce Role of enforcement

11 A flatter structure A flatter structure was seen as good if it results in a reduced distance between the ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ of a service Ring fencing and proposed new posts It was unclear to some colleagues as to why some Heads of Service were being proposed to be confirmed in post Commercial development A range of responses made suggestions about commercial development opportunities and income generation and the need for targeted resources to grow this

12 Regulatory Services Many commented that ‘Regulatory Services’ should be mentioned in the service name as by not mentioning it devalued their contribution to the Council by not being recognised Confirmation was sought by a number of people whether the Coroner/Medical Examiner Services would remain with Regulatory Services

13 Planning and Development Services  A few comments that further clarification was needed on what is/are included in Regulatory Services and whether Assets and Regulatory Services would be combined

14 Children’s Centres People were generally torn about this proposal Many people outlined pros and cons as to where the Children’s Centres are located and opinion was divided on the whole Many concerns were expressed that Children’s Centres need to be with CATs, as there is strong partnership working A need was identified to reinforce the message that it is an early help service not a reactive service

15 Housing Some people did not support the logic of splitting the service between neighbourhood services and community services Some colleagues could understand the need for a split of the housing service to make the ‘patch’ elements work Some thoughts that by splitting the service we were getting ready for a stock transfer

16 Commissioning and Improvement  A significant number of responses saw this proposal to bring commissioning, procurement and contracting under the remit of a dedicated Head of Service as very positive and gave a clear direction of its importance to the organisation

17 Economy A number of responses suggested there needed to be a stronger emphasis on support for the local economy and helping people into work Corporate landlord Views that ‘Corporate Landlord’ services should be maintained on a Borough-wide (i.e. non-patch) basis Culture A number of responses suggested there needed to be more focus around the cultural agenda and particularly culture’s role in regeneration and attracting people to the town

18 Libraries The positioning of libraries within Community Services was welcomed to retain existing links within cultural services, while facilitating closer working with other services Adult Learning There were a number of responses suggesting this needed to have a role in an economic development function There were also responses suggesting that it should be with Education

19 Coroner Confirmation about the positioning of the Medical Examiner’s Service was sought which is now scheduled to commence in October 2014 Views that the Coroner and Medical Examiner, should remain in Regulatory Services Health & Safety Concerns about being able to continue to have a positive Health & Safety culture and achieve an impact by being able to present advice independently and effectively Views of a possible conflict of interest as they would not be independent

20 Register Office Views that the proposals would create a more seamless service for the customer – contact centre and the Register office working closer together Suggestions that the proposals would help prioritise investment into the customer experience - facilities etc Concerns about changes for staff Feedback that the alignment between Crematorium, Coroners Service and Registrars services was important

21 The Hexagon Concern that the focus on income generation should not be lost Sustainability Team A number of views that this team would be better located with other ‘place functions’ such as planning

22 Performance Management Views that it should not sit in the Corporate Support Service With an emphasis on patch approach/neighbourhood working, it was suggested that a large proportion of Performance and Policy sits better within the operational areas which could allow a more reactive approach to evidence coming out of those areas (neighbourhood profiling etc)

23 Communications Views that this team should be incorporated within ‘Customer Services’ Valuation Services Feedback that it made sense to be in a Planning & Development Service

24 Bereavement services Views that bereavement services do not naturally fit into or along side waste operations, street cleaning or grounds maintenance Feedback that Cemeteries and the Crematorium are front- facing services and should to sit with Registrars in Customer Services as combined cradle-to-grave service

25 What is proposed to change now? 1.We are still proposing that some service responsibilities will move to different Heads of Service posts 2.Other posts that require a different focus moving forward would be removed from the structure and replaced with new posts

26 Proposed Directorate of Environment & Neighbourhoods Now suggesting that housing should remain as one Environmental Health Officers and the private sector housing team should become part of this service area Proposing that the Housing Service would move from what is currently the Directorate of Education, Social Services & Housing to the Directorate of Environment & Neighbourhoods

27 Proposed post of Head of Transportation & Streetcare We think it is important that we bring together more services that affect people’s lives in their neighbourhoods under one service areas Everyone agreed about this Emphasis from the consultation that the maintenance and improvement of our public realm being in one area was important. Suggesting that a new post is created of Head of Transportation & Streetcare This will enable a comprehensive service of all the environmental services ‘outside your door’ and overcome current overlaps and duplication of services

28 Proposed post of Head of Planning, Development & Regulatory Services Moving all regulatory services together into one service area with planning, building control as well as assets, facilities management made sense to many people More prominence for Regulatory Services - widen the proposed Head of Services job title Feedback that the Sustainability Team would be better aligned to this service area rather than transportation - we agree Impartiality of the Corporate Health & Safety Team Assets and Regulatory Services are not being combined

29 Proposed post of Head of Neighbourhood Services In the phase 1 consultation there was a new post proposed of a Head of Neighbourhood Services As a result of the feedback, we are going to keep the housing service together in one area and propose to add some housing related services Therefore, we have reviewed the need for this role

30 Head of Housing, Neighbourhoods and Community Services Because of the current job scope of this Head of Service, they will maintain responsibility for housing and also be corporately responsible for our overall proposed ‘neighbourhood’ offer and approach with a focus on better outcomes for the communities Move to the proposed Environment & Neighbourhood Services directorate

31 Proposed post of Head of Economic & Cultural Development To support the local economy Have a focus on commercial development and income generation Culture, leisure and sport are increasingly important components of our quality of life and as economic sectors in their own right Therefore, we are proposing to create a new Head of Service post for Economic & Cultural Development

32 Head of Children’s Services Within the phase 1 proposals, we suggested that the Children’s Action Teams should move to be in this service area Stressed the importance of early help services, not a reactive service Suggestions were made about bringing more of our early help services together in this area Therefore, we are recommending that we move Children’s Centres, Turnaround Families and Integrated Youth Services into this service area to cover 0-19 year olds

33 Customer Services Some additional front-facing services were proposed to be brought into the customer services area including Births, Deaths and Marriages and Archives, to ensure the seamless integration of these front line services People have suggested that because of the relationship between the registrars and our cemetery and crematoria that these services should move here

34 What is proposed to stay the same from the phase 1 proposals?

35 Proposed post of Director of Environment & Neighbourhoods It was proposed that a new post of Director of Environment & Neighbourhoods would be created that would be released for recruitment initially to those that are put at risk within this phase Proposed post of Head of Commissioning & Improvement Seen by many as hugely positive. This proposal remains the same

36 The posts of Heads of Transformation We proposed that the current posts of Heads of Transformation would be removed from the Council structure as their specific duties can be mainstreamed into existing services areas

37 Human Resources The Head of Human Resources post is still to be removed from the structure of the Corporate Support Service with the responsibilities being split between other Heads of Service

38 Communications There were suggestions that the communications team could be part of customer services We think this would divert focus away from the customer service work, and therefore, needs to be kept separate We are not going to amend the proposals to reflect these suggestions

39 New posts and ring fencing It was unclear to some colleagues as to why some Heads of Service were being proposed to be confirmed in post, whilst others have not The posts affected by the restructure Phase 1 are those where the job roles have significantly changed All posts in the current structure in this phase have been compared ‘in the round’ to new posts in the proposed structure in terms of: Scope Scale Key focus; Range of duties and responsibilities Position and grade Competences required etc

40 Proposed ‘assimilation’ of current post holders into unchanged or ‘matched’ posts (i.e. not significantly or substantively changed) The posts are new and substantively different and will not represent a ‘match’ to posts in the current structure The ‘new’ posts are ring-fenced to current managers affected by the restructure

41 Individuals will be able to express an interest in one or more posts in the new structure The posts will then be filled on a ‘cascade’ basis, starting with the Director The appointment process will involve a competitive or assessment based interview process, depending on how many applicants there are for each post Should the posts not be filled, then they will be released internally and externally for recruitment

42 Are we still on track for the Reshape? Yes, we are still on track Even with this additional consultation period for Phase 1a, we will still meet the September date for completion

43 How you can have your say on these proposals Information sessions and 1-2-1s ‘Reshaping the Council’ pod on IRIS A Yammer account E-mail Feedback forms - ballot boxes Information sessions Consultation for Phase 1a ends on Friday 9 August 2013

44 Information sessions Information Session 1 – Thursday 1 August 10am–11am Victoria Hall, Town Hall Information Session 2 – Monday 5 August 10am–11am Meadway Room, The Avenue Information Session 3 – Wednesday 7 August 12pm–1pm Bennet Road Social Club Information Session 4 – Thursday 8 August 9am–10am Victoria Hall, Town Hall and Museum Information Session 5 – Friday 9 August 10am–11am Council Chamber, Civic Centre

45 In summary To continue to thrive as a Council in a time of considerable change, we need to adapt the way we work to deal with the challenges we face in terms of our reduced funding and more responsibilities. The Council has always looked to be more resourceful and make substantial efficiency improvements so there is a strong foundation to build upon. We have carefully considered all the responses to the consultation and believe that the revised proposals are much stronger.

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