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MARCH 2014 OrgVue and Concentra Introduction.

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1 MARCH 2014 OrgVue and Concentra Introduction

2 How OrgVue is applied Typical steps and benefits Data integration
Data loading Checking data quality Data cleansing Core analysis Org charting People analytics & demographics Standard reports & dashboards Understanding causes Trends over time - history Extra data capture – web forms and surveys Multi-aspect modelling: objectives, activities, competencies, roles Prediction and planning Organisation Design Workforce planning Objective Management

3 Model organisation design scenarios
Scenario modelling 2013 2015 Cost change: £7.2m Headcount change: 98 FTE

4 Develop employee flight risk algorithms

5 …and compare flight risk vs performance as an input into succession planning
Measuring Flight Risk vs. Performance – Or Any Other Properties The key question is how ‘Critical’ Roles are defined (i.e. technical vs. leadership vs. other)

6 OrgVue can hold budget FTE, forecast FTE and actual FTE for each role
Budget vs. Forecast See within Org Structure with a chart for each role…coloured by the largest gaps By role, what is the actual vs budget vs forecast vs to be recruited

7 Headcount change month on month can be tracked vs. plan
Waterfall over time

8 If recruitment is needed, the pipeline can be tracked per role
Pipeline snapshots

9 And interview results can be captured and visualised in OrgVue
Workflow reporting and tracking

10 Objective management breaks down objectives, links them to people and aggregates progress
Cascade through organisation: Edit using web form: Track BRAG/time: Link to people/roles: Sign-off: Track along 4 dimensions:

11 Implementing OrgVue

12 Dimensions OF ANALYSIS
HR Analytics is a journey, with hundreds of pertinent questions to ask and answer along the way The HR Analytics journey and questions LAY THE FOUNDATIONS MONITOR THE BUSINESS MAKE DATA-DRIVEN DECISIONS PLAN THE FUTURE MANAGE OUTCOMES Business case Function cost Function cost vs. revenue Direct vs. indirect cost Function ‘x’ cost vs. Function ‘y’ cost Function ‘x’ cost vs. total Function cost Total process cost Process cost vs. revenue Process ‘x’ cost vs. process ‘y’ cost Resourcing Age profile Gender split (%) Length of employment profile Time to retire profile % employed less than ‘n’-years % split of dimension for period ‘n’ % minorities Attrition in time period ‘n’ External hires vs. internal moves Performance profile % new recruits who achieve ‘x’ or better Promotions within time period ‘n’ Recruitment cost as % of year 1 salary Org. improve-ment Number of employees Number of FTEs Avg. span of control Management vs. non-management Client-facing vs. support FTEs % vacancies % employees on sick leave Number of vacancies % of cost from new activities % activities from process within role Reporting line changes Talent management Overall engagement score Engagement score by question Absenteeism Holidays Days training % time allocated to strategic activities % cost from strategic activities Competency gaps (count, hours) % new recruits with ‘x’ competency % competency gap by process TIG vs. competencies required for promotion Dimensions OF ANALYSIS Age Gender Geography Business unit Employment type Grade Market segment Race Central vs. De-central Core vs. non-core Strategic, Tactical, Administrative Language Nationality Employee interests and hobbies Specialties

13 Implementation timelines are typically 3-6 weeks, depending on scope and data availability
02 Dec 2013 12 Dec 2013 17 Jan 2014 31 Jan 2014 Example timeline 2013 Week 0 Week 2 Week 4 Week 6 Project kick-off First iteration of outputs Second iteration of outputs Completion of dataload, dashboards and final outputs Map existing data sets MI, Payroll, Other HR datasets Performance datasets Agree owners & governance Key outputs Integrated data system Dashboards delivering value to HR Prioritised analytical projects for 12+ months Trial loading & initial analytics Work with HR MI teams to identify current analytics and aspirations; prioritise new reports by benefit ratio Dataset integration Establish & test regular dataload cycle Auditability and change reporting KEY ACTIVITIES On-going training and coaching for HR & business analytics teams; define skills and training for HRBPs; offer Org Design training HR Analytics implementation into the business Establishing and training champions going forward Confirming dashboard set up Identifying priority items for analytical projects over 12 months Leveraging OrgVue Client entry into community of users Access to benchmark sets of standard processes, data and decisions Steering Committee Steering Committee

14 The first step is to map the data sources, owners and governance for feeding data into OrgVue
Data source table Current system Data content Owner Governance Can be tracked in OrgVue? Proposed frequency SAP Key HR data Insert name OrgVue updates listed & fed back to core system Yes Daily Financial data One way – no changes in OrgVue Monthly ADP, others, multiple payroll providers Payroll data Talent Link Recruitment information Future LMS Learning & training course data Tbc Future Talent Management System Hi-Po information Data created in meetings using OrgVue

15 The system requirements for OrgVue are simple
Data source requirements User desktop requirements Data in csv format for copy and paste API access for automated data upload Broadband internet access access for initial setup & password refresh Any internet browser running the most recent version of Flash Player (currently or greater)

16 Case studies

17 Global Services Co delivers 20% headquarter cost reduction
Modelling existing & scenario planning to-be HQ organisation Situation and complication A global services company sought to rationalise its central functions, to deliver better services at costs at least 20% lower. The project team needed to model change in organisational structures, to visual the new organisation diagrams and to map costs into roles. Traditional solutions were too slow for the fast-moving project Solution Existing spreadsheets converted to new organisation diagrams in a day Financial and resource impact of each scenario was modelled, allowing fact- based decisions on new structures Client analysts modelled changes live in OrgVue O.D. workshops Benefits Decisions on change made in 2 weeks, where the project had previously been stuck for 2 months “in Excel hell” Spans of control corrected; 500 FTE saved from 2500 FTE starting point Decisions communicated to teams meeting consultation deadlines From this To this

18 Council HR Director improves data quality and gets immediate insights across up to 16,000 people
Data quality improvement and HR insights Situation and complication A council had fragmented people information and slow update processes Operational managers had low confidence in data accuracy, speed to update and therefore did not seek strategic advice from HR It was hard for the HR team to give insightful answers on demographics, absence, pay, performance and customer impact. Solution OrgVue was auto-fed every day with data from a new HRIS The HR establishment teams took sections of the data, reviewed with the business and updated with good change control The HR team used OrgVue to run business questions and get insights Benefits “Questions that used to take 3.5 days to answer can now be answered in 10 minutes. I can answer questions I didn't even realise I had. It's like seeing my organisation in 3D rather than 2D” - Helen Grantham, Service Director for People and Customers

19 International logistics company achieves consolidated HR data across 18 countries
Providing “global visibility of all our people” Situation and complication A global leader in parts distribution had operations in 18 countries – and no way of integrating its HR data Installing a global solution to replace local HRIS would cost $$millions The business could not answer regulatory questions even on basics like headcount, cost, gender and employment status Solution OrgVue integrated data from >47 datasets around the world Local operations retained their local systems, but OrgVue provided central consolidation, change tracking, cleansing and correction Benefits HR took on a new role, contributing to strategic discussions and scenario planning with reliable people data “For us the real power is that at last we have global visibility of all our people around the world”

20 HR team gains tools and skills to carry out process re-engineering
Process cost modelled by linking People to Activities Situation and complication An HR team wanted to re-engineer its own processes, simplifying and in some cases automating its more transactional work No-one had ever evaluated working time, volumes and costs of HR processes Solution The HR team leveraged existing OrgVue data on headcount and costs The HR team linked role costs to activities Exact costs of the As-Is and To-Be processes showed a XX% cost reduction Benefits “We can identify which processes are worth re-engineering, and where automation does – and doesn’t – make sense” HR’s new capabilities mean it can now offer re-engineering insights to other functions: a business-focus that it had previously not been able to offer

21 Strategy Director drives price and process improvement from a full Cost-to-Serve model
Full Cost-to-Serve model using OrgVue linking Situation and complication A strategy director wanting to drive multiple initiatives Poor quality data inhibited analysis and action No alignment of local process maps to global standards Solution All headcount data loaded & verified from the Payroll system Roles linked to As-Is Activities, then Activities to Customers Consolidated view of activity costs, customer costs and customer profitability Benefits Pricing now uses true costs; identifying uneconomic customers & services Cost insights now motivate businesses to drive process re-engineering. e.g. >£2m of ‘hidden’ cost from just one process now exposed Value adding services can be promoted; insights can be sustained

22 Healthcare CEO achieves clarity on objectives and progress from top to bottom in under 3 months
Objectives Management implementation & training Situation and complication The CEO wanted clarity on objectives, accountability and progress vs. plan – with a pilot solution within 2 months The 4000-person healthcare trust had never mapped accountability in detail Solution All objectives cascaded from top to bottom using OrgVue Objectives weighted by importance and given individual performance bands Actuals tracked monthly and progress vs. plan rolled up to the top Executives, trainers, managers and HRBPs trained in system & skills Benefits Clarity on initial accountabilities Weighting made sure objectives were kept in balance Divergences from plan began to be identified early enough for intervention Set objectives: Sign-off: Cascade: Track BRAG over time:

23 About Concentra

24 Concentra: a firm that provides technology to deliver consulting value
Productising consulting Concentra is an award winning operations consulting, analytics and technology firm. We are at the forefront of a new and growing business model in delivering operational efficiencies. We call it ‘productising consulting’ – which means putting technology in clients’ hands to drive lasting performance improvements Concentra company history The company is an offshoot from A.T. Kearney Management Consulting. Formed in 2008, we are backed by venture capital investment Our solutions are designed to capture long term operational gains and leave newly acquired capabilities within the client’s organisation Winner of numerous awards for innovation and recently won the award for most innovative company in the Sunday Times ‘Tech Track 100’ (December 2011) 10 awards for excellence and innovation Our unique combination of capabilities Operations management We focus on performance improvement and delivering business change Data analytics We help our clients achieve better results by the way we aggregate, interrogate and analyse data Innovative Technology We use a range of technologies to build out the right solutions for our clients Source:

25 Concentra carries out cutting edge analytics work
Summary of 5 analytics case studies Sector Topic Analytical challenge Results 1 Healthcare Patient pathways >3 million patients Tool for identifying and driving better pathways 2 Supply chain Inventory reduction $450 million spend Stock reduction of $150m 3 Global services HQ org redesign 2,500 employees 20% cost reduction planned in <4 weeks 4 Logistics Post-merger integration Optimise number of depots $15m in forecast savings 5 Building products Price analytics Analysis of 100 demand drivers globally $35m in revenue uplift from pricing revisions

26 Revolutionise the way you see, plan and manage your organisation
For more information contact us at:

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