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GSE Annual Conference Breakout Session: Leadership and Skills.

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1 GSE Annual Conference Breakout Session: Leadership and Skills

2 The civil service is changing  New senior structure  Smaller and flatter (size and structure)  more agile (pace of response, fewer ‘silos’)  more professional  more connected to outside world (commercial awareness, links to expertise)

3 Potential impact of changes  More opportunities to move around and get experience in other Departments  Closer working with related professional groups  Greater emphasis on development of professional skills and networks

4 Potential impact of changes  Need to be better at communicating the value of what we do…


6 Civil Service Learning Portal Civil Service Learning Portal  Learning opportunities map (core civil service curriculum)  S&E skills framework and curriculum (from March 2012)  Other professional curriculum (from March 2012)

7 Who is a GSE member? Practising S&E specialist  Specific specialist science or engineering expertise is essential to current role.  Eg people actually carrying out research, engineering or analysis and those applying their knowledge as a technical expert in an advisory or leadership/management capacity S&E orientated  May be strongly motivated by opportunity to work on science or engineering issues and continue to engage with external science or engineering experts  Science or engineering background likely to be necessary or highly desirable in current role (or to future roles in government if not using S&E background at the moment)  eg scientific secretariat, technical policy role, scientific research or engineering contract management. Informed S&E advocate  Maintains an interest in science or engineering and may have a relevant background but not currently working in S&E related role.  May draw on wider analytical skills but often reluctant to describe themselves as a scientist or engineer.

8 GSE Top Trumps  Pick a job description (or choose your own role)  Discuss competencies in group  Agree and allocate a score (0 to 10)  10 minutes

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