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ONE TRUST Gavin Baldwin April 2009 ‘Striving for Healthier Communities’

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1 ONE TRUST Gavin Baldwin April 2009 ‘Striving for Healthier Communities’

2 ONE TRUST for everyone!

3 Doncaster Council proposes to transfer all of its leisure facilities, along with those currently managed and leased by the Stadium Management Company and the Dearne Valley Leisure Trust to the Doncaster Dome Leisure Trust to rationalise the management and provision of public leisure services in Doncaster.

4 Why? Doncaster is currently in the 9% of Local Authorities that has procured a mixed supply of leisure Sport England’s Active Peoples Survey (December 2006) only 17% of adults participated in moderate intensity physical activity, three times a week The lowest participation rates in Yorkshire 19 th from the bottom in the whole country Doncaster has some of the highest sedentary rates with 56% of people doing no activity at all. This increases to 75% of over 55’s

5 Decision taken (a)to note the Consultant’s report, conclusions and recommendations and to agree that the Council should proceed with the option of developing a Trust model, using the expanded Dome vehicle (b)to note the strategic link for this work with other major initiatives currently underway, including Building Schools for the Future (BSF) On 5 November 2008 Cabinet agreed to look at developing a Leisure Trust:

6 In July 2008 Neil Allen, an external consultant, was appointed to undertake a detailed options appraisal concerning the future management of Leisure and Cultural Services in Doncaster. Reasons for the decision

7 The brief demanded a detailed analysis of: Key factors for Doncaster, including LAA indicators associated with health inequalities The current and historical low levels of participation in sport and physical activity in Doncaster The complex picture of provision locally – in-house and trust models leading to a disjointed approach compared to the need for a quality approach, service consistency and co-ordination based on a strategic approach Ageing facility stock and the level of investment required The low usage and income of Council facilities compared to local high performing trusts

8 Neil Allen: Conclusion Significant change is needed The Council should proceed to develop the option of a Trust via the expansion of the Dome Trust

9 Key Stakeholder Workshop : 4 September 2009 The brief was to discuss the possible options for the future management of leisure facilities : In-house Management : Private Sector Management : Trust Management : New Trust, Existing Trust, Hybrid Trust Stakeholders present included NHS Doncaster, DDLT, DVLT, Sport England, Doncaster Council, Trade Unions Stakeholders were provided with a detailed analysis of current market conditions, including financial analysis, the key drivers for change including the advantages and disadvantages of each option

10 Conclusion of the Stakeholder Day It was overwhelmingly accepted by all stakeholders that the status quo was not an option A new strategic management approach underpinned by one business model aligned to the key targets within the LAA to improve health and participation rates and enhance the local leisure offer

11 The Dome DVLT? Keepmoat Stadium Hatfield Water Park Crookhill Golf Club Adwick Leisure Centre Armthorpe Sports Centre Rossington Sports Centre Askern and Campsall Sports Centre Edlington Sports Centre Thorne Sports Centre St James NPV Arts Team Active Doncaster The Trust will include:

12 Key work completed The decision to change The Memorandum of Understanding being signed Complete due diligence exercise

13 The Memorandum of Understanding ‘The Council and the Trust intend to agree outcomes to be delivered through the upkeep and maintenance of the premises and the assets and development of a programme of activities commensurate with the charitable objectives of the trust’

14 The intentions of the Trust Develop a detailed Business Plan Acknowledge the Council’s Community Strategy as expressed in its LAA in the context of target priorities of service delivery Recognise the importance and benefits of external funding (revenue and capital) to support existing and develop new services and activities This will detail the requirement of the Trust to do many things, but perhaps most importantly:

15 The intentions of the Council Will agree a level of funding on an annual basis that supports the detailed Business Plan of the Trust The Council has the ability to approve (or not) the Business Plan Any funding would be reviewed in line with the funding agreement Most important to note is that the Council:

16 Mutual This essentially asserts a business ethos whereby both the Trust and the Council agree to act together and to encourage all their partners and stakeholders in the formulation of the policy development plans, service standards and targets

17 Management Fee The Council has considered and defined its positions on a number of issues in determining what form grant funding to the Trust should be The Council has also considered whether the grant funding arrangements to the Dome should continue in their current form The ethos is that the Trust will carry out the strategic role of managing the various facilities and services transferred to it by the Council The Council will commit to both revenue and capital funding but the Trust will be expected to seek its own funding in addition

18 Management Fee expectations The recommended term of the grant be for 25 years That the grant be for revenue and capital expenditure That the Council and the Trust agree a Reserves Policy That the agreement can be terminated for various reasons That the Council will require the Trust to achieve various performance indicators agreed on an annual basis That the current funding arrangements for the Dome be collapsed

19 Agree governance arrangements for the Trust (to include Board make up) Consultation Complete condition surveys Development of Trust strategic and operational Business Plan Prepare leases/legal documentation Key Work to be completed

20 Best Value? We are testing for best value at all stages of the decision making process Business Modelling VAT

21 OSMC : 23 April 2009 Executive Board Cabinet : 1 July 2009 Scrutiny

22 These are currently evolving A phased approach? Timescales

23 Phase 1Keepmoat Stadium and all Leisure Centres Phase 2Hatfield Water Park Crookhill Golf Course Active Doncaster Arts Teams Phase 3DVLT Phase 4NPV to include Civic staff

24 Making it Real: Why are we doing this? Kick Start fitness DCMS School dinners DAP Weight Management One Commitment to Sport and Physical Activity Ambassadors Scheme 2012 Day Professional Clubs Support from Sport England

25 Thank you for listening

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