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Neighbourhood Hit Squad Project Mark Baxter and David Szlamp Private Sector Housing.

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1 Neighbourhood Hit Squad Project Mark Baxter and David Szlamp Private Sector Housing

2 Neighbourhood Hit Squad Project Housing Conditions Three Cornered Holistic Approach Community Concerns Environmental Issues

3 Pilot project area New Deal for Communities area (NDC)

4 Project Overview This multi agency project started July 2009. Its simplicity is to focus on a manageable area for six months (About 300 houses) Statistical data collated to street level identifies areas Monthly proactive themes organised by other partner agencies resolve specific issues in that community. Rubbish, ● Energy efficiency Anti social behaviour ● Health issues Crime ● General environment Housing disrepair ● Fire Safety, Access to employment Two areas have been completed Hyde Park & Hexthorpe Last pilot area Lower Wheatley / Netherhall started 1 st September. Second Hit Squad team started in Edlington 1 October

5 Objectives To assess the general housing conditions Undertake internal house inspections to HHSRS criteria To address all Cat 1 and Cat 2(D) hazards To return empty properties back into use Improve energy efficiency Tackle environmental and rubbish issues Tackle Anti Social Behaviour issues Offer help and advice by direct intervention or referral to our partner agencies Improve the general community well-being

6 ASB issues tackled Private sector housing have enforcement responsibilities for Rubbish in empty gardens ASB advice/ eviction procedure/ intelligence landlord v tenant issues The pre and post resident questionnaire enables effective evaluation of perceived ASB levels The questionnaire comments identifies issues of focus Hit squad activities try to link with any PACT priorities or any other police or other agency priorities Intelligence data sharing contributes to detecting and preventing fraud and crime Police and or Neighbourhood Alliance have a theme lead month Other agencies theme lead months that help prevent ASB Fire Service (arson prevention) Health Service (Drug misuse, healthier living) Work Skills and Enterprise (Improve employment prospects and self esteem)

7 ASB issues tackled Use of multi agency teams to develop new ways to tackle ASB Wheelie Bin Watch Trap Houses A robust joined up rubbish enforcement strategy has been developed which links advice and enforcement more effectively. Accessed ASB funding to enhance rubbish enforcement strategy including Designed pictorial recycling information Funded Training for commercial businesses on Underage selling and conflict resolution to tackle street drinking/ selling of fireworks etc.

8 Hyde Park Consultation Results Housing conditions General Environment Street CleanlinessASB Mean Average Pre Questionnaire Result5.294.243.524.80 Mean Average Post Questionnaire Result5.485.204.555.32

9 Hyde Park Consultation Results Mean Average Pre Questionnaire Result4.69 Mean Average Post Questionnaire Result6.05

10 Neighbourhood Networking Model Local Neighbourhood Area Advice Information Guidance Support Neighbourhood Services Sensitive networking Active Community Local Enforcement

11 Hexthorpe Outcome Information

12 Summary of Outcomes - Area 2 Hyde Park


14 Wheelie Bin Watch Multi Agency Advice and information Etch onto bin house number and post code Enforcement on bin presentation Aim Reduce bin thefts Reduce bin fires Reduce replacement costs Improve community well being

15 Pictorial Recycle Leaflet Multi Agency Delivered by Neighbourhood team Designed by resource recovery Paid for by NDC Aim To help all nationalities to understand the recycling procedure Reduce domestic waste tonnages

16 Retailer Training

17 The Future… …to roll out Neighbourhood Hit Squad borough-wide! To target other problem neighbourhoods

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