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Agenda Welcome Walsall Works Update - Presentation Traineeships Ladder for the Black Country LEP Priorities Talent Match AOB Date of Next Meeting Close.

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2 Agenda Welcome Walsall Works Update - Presentation Traineeships Ladder for the Black Country LEP Priorities Talent Match AOB Date of Next Meeting Close

3 Walsall Works Outcomes* 408 young people have started their Apprenticeship through Walsall Works 333 young people have now started the Pre- Apprenticeship programme 417 young people have been supported into other outcomes *As of 04/07/14

4 Walsall Works Claims & Monitoring Make claims as close to the trigger dates as possible Ensure that claims are complete so that payments are not delayed Let us know about early leavers ASAP and complete a leavers form Monitoring calls and Sustainability checks are being undertaken

5 Traineeships Traineeships are for young people who are motivated to work but lack the skills and experience sought by employers. Joint consultation by Department of Education and Department of Business, Innovation and Skills. Funding Arrangements Payment models and outcomes Funding for English and maths Provider contracting Eligibility Deadline for responses 14 th August 2014


7 Ladder for the Black Country Ladder for the Black Country is a fresh approach to tackle youth unemployment in key areas of the West Midlands. Led by a multimedia campaign in the Express & Star, Britain’s biggest selling regional newspaper, the aim is to encourage young people and businesses to come together under the Ladder banner. A training provider is in place to handle enquiries, supported by leading business organisations and with the endorsement of the local authorities. The Ladder will provide a foot up for young people and generate sustainable new employment opportunities. Summary

8 Ladder for the Black Country Youth unemployment rates remain higher in the Black Country than in many regions across the UK. Despite the uplift in property prices and other indications of economic improvement, many young people remain out of work and unable to develop their skills for employment. Many businesses are unaware of the opportunities offered or have outdated ideas about apprenticeships. A new initiative is needed to offer a fresh drive to tackle the issue and shine a light on the existing programmes in a region which was at the heart of the industrial revolution. The challenge

9 Ladder for the Black Country Express & Star – Social Media Partner The Vine Trust - Lead Organisation Performance Through People Training Provider Black Country Chamber of Commerce – Employer links Ikea - Employer Local Support: Dudley Council Sandwell Council Walsall Council Wolverhampton Council Talent Match Black Country Local Enterprise Partnership Black Country Consortium Organisations involved:

10 Ladder for the Black Country 1.The Ladder project will be launched with a high profile E&S promotion 2.The partners will use their networks to promote the Ladder and its work 3.Businesses and young people will be encouraged to contact the Ladder team for information about opportunities 4.Performance Through People will handle enquiries and acting as introduction service to young people looking for opportunities, training providers looking for students and businesses looking to take on young people 5.Progress and success stories will be celebrated on regular occasions in Express & Star, as well as at high profile events The plan

11 Ladder for the Black Country All learner enquiries will get a response within 24 hours PTP will provide appropriate information and guidance, before arranging face to face interviews where appropriate Young people will be offered appropriate opportunities Regular support and feedback will be provided The success stories will be put forward for promotion to encourage more young people to take the first step towards employment First steps for young people

12 Ladder for the Black Country Getting businesses on board Extensive promotion in the Express & Star, as well as advocacy by the Ladder partners and supporters, will encourage local companies to enquire about the opportunities After contact with PTP, a meeting will be held to identify best ways forward Vacancies will be advertised to pool of young talent registered with Ladder scheme Companies will be signed up to apprenticeship programmes or directed to existing services Regular support will be provided, with success stories celebrated in E&S and throughout Ladder network

13 Ladder for the Black Country Sept 2014 – High profile launch including extensive coverage in Express & Star, which reaches close to 350,000 people a day in print and online. Autumn 2014 – E&S provides regular coverage on issue and Ladder progress, while partners recruit pool of local young talent Early 2015 – First apprentices and businesses to be matched through scheme are featured in E&S and throughout network Spring 2015 – High profile event at E&S to celebrate early successes April 2015 – Supplement in E&S to commemorate achievements Summer 2015 – Preparations for final phase of project announced Timeline – first year

14 Ladder for the Black Country Go to website: Follow us on Twitter: @ladder4bc@ladder4bc Facebook: LadderfortheBlackCountry Find out more

15 Black Country Strategic Economic Plan LEP Priorities

16 LEP Vision By 2033 the Black Country: Will have increased the number of local jobs to 545,000 (+113,000 jobs) Strengthened our business base of 32,000 with an additional 1,500 new businesses each year The Black Country will be home to 1.2 million residents with increased levels of graduates 231,000 people (+80,000) Accommodate an additional 47,000 new homes (from baseline 445,000)

17 Strategic Priority Investments – Raise Employability, Education and Skill New Centre for Advanced Science, Engineering and Technology Skills Coombswood Business Park New Centre for Advanced Building Technologies & Construction Skills Dudley College New Advanced Manufacturing Training and Education Centre and Construction Centre Specialist Equipment for High Value Manufacturing Sector

18 Strategic Priority Investments – Improve Black Country Business Competitiveness Access to Finance via Regional Growth Fund New Science, Technology and Prototype Centre People’s Power Station

19 Strategic Priority Investments – Transform the Black Country Infrastructure and Environment Goscote Lane Corridor regeneration Bilston Urban Village Bentley Lane, Walsall Woods Lane, Cradley Heath Cultural Capital

20 Priority Investments – Transport M6 Junction 10 Wolverhampton Interchange Managing Short Trips Access to Growth

21 Priority Investments – Summary Outputs-Impact 2015/16 Outputs-Impacts 2015/21 Total LGF 2015/21 5847 jobs, 200 houses, 1883 business assists, 1479 learners assists 11,707 jobs, 1,640 houses, 4,040 business assists, 7,529 learner assists £124.9m

22 Black Country Talent Match

23 BIG lottery funded £100m nationally, 21 locations Youth unemployment Increased competition for jobs £10.3m Black Country, 5 year project Young people at the heart of the project – decision making Supporting 1417 young people furthest from the labour market Improve skills, confidence, motivation, provide work experience, volunteering and job opportunities Intensive mentoring support

24 Black Country Talent Match 18-24 year olds furthest from the labour market 12 months NEET Additional barriers to employment Thematic groups o Young carers/parents o Care leavers o Travelling families o Substance misuse o Homeless o Ex offenders o Disability/learning difficulty

25 Black Country Talent Match 1417 young people – 15% hidden 21.5% into Employment (inc self employment) 30% into Volunteering 30% into Work Experience 80% into Training 100% increased confidence and motivation 100% young people taking responsibility for co-designing tailored support

26 Any Other Business

27 Date of Future Session Monday 6 th October 2014, 10.00am – 11.00am at Walsall Council House, Lichfield Street, Walsall, WS1 1TP

28 Contact Details 01922 654353 @Walsallworks Search for Walsallworks

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