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Improving the well-being of the people of the South Hams.

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1 Improving the well-being of the people of the South Hams

2 South Hams Local Development Framework Update for South Hams Strategic Partnership 8 th March 2010

3 What are we going to cover?  LDF headlines  Key components  Main LDF provisions  Next steps for the LDF  Detailed provisions  Next steps for partners  Key messages

4 LDF Headlines  Good progress  Core Strategy adopted in 2006 (first in England)  Sherford Area Action Plan adopted in 2007  Affordable Housing Policies adopted in 2008  Development Policies examined last week  5 Site Allocations DPDs about to be published  Plymouth Urban Fringe under way as a joint plan with Plymouth City Council  And an LDF accolade for the Council and its partners at the South West Housing Summit in January

5 Regional Spatial Strategy Core Strategy Development Policies DPD Priority DPDs - Dartmouth - Ivybridge - Kingsbridge - Totnes - Rural Areas Sherford AAP Plymouth Urban Fringe DPD Local Development Scheme Statement of Community Involvement Supplementary Planning Documents Annual Monitoring Report South Hams LDF Proposals Map Affordable Housing DPD Adopted In Progress

6 Key components Local Strategic Partnership Consultation Strategy Sustainable Community Strategy Local Area Agreement Local delivery programme - revenue Local Development Framework Local delivery programme - capital Local evidence base

7 Main LDF provisions PlaceHousing by 2026Employment by 2026 Dartmouth400 dwellings4 hectares Ivybridge200 dwellings10 hectares Kingsbridge400 dwellings10 hectares Totnes800 dwellings10 hectares Rural Areas1200 dwellings6 hectares Totals3000 dwellings40 hectares (Setting aside the provisions for Sherford and the Plymouth fringe)


9 Next steps for the LDF  The 5 Site allocations DPDs will be published in April  6 weeks follow for representations to be made  Examinations are scheduled to begin in September  Adoption is planned in spring 2011

10 Next steps for the LDF  The Site Allocations DPDs will  Propose much needed sites for homes, particularly affordable homes, and jobs  3000 houses and 40 hectares of employment land in towns and villages by 2026  With support infrastructure programmed and sites reserved where needed “The right sites in the right places for the right reasons”

11 Next steps for the LDF  Site selection is based on evidence  Availability of land (SHLAA)  Sustainability of sites (STA)  Ability to service sites with infrastructure (SID) Stakeholder panels deal with each of these  With an added design dimension through the Prince’s Foundation’s EbD workshops “Sites must be shown to be available, sustainable, serviceable and deliverable”

12 Next steps for the LDF  In December 2008 the Partnership set up an infrastructure delivery group  That group has prepared the infrastructure delivery programme to support the DPDs  Site related infrastructure – access, utilities, flood measures, local green space, etc  Community infrastructure – affordable homes, education, health, police, public realm, etc  Strategic infrastructure – new roads, schools, sports, public transport, flood schemes, etc

13 Next steps for partners  Sign off the Infrastructure Delivery Programme as key evidence showing that infrastructure will be in place to support the DPDs  Make representations to support the DPDs  Lead and/or proactively participate in delivery of needed developments


15 For Dartmouth  Townstal  About 400 homes, 4.5 ha emp  Local centre for retail, health and community facilities  Latest plans for BSF programme  Public space, relocated park and ride  Collingwood Road  About 95 homes and at least maintain job levels  Rock Park  About 45 homes and 0.1 ha emp


17 For Ivybridge  East of Ivybridge  About 375 dwellings and 10 ha emp  A neighbourhood centre, park and ride enhanced at station  Support town’s development as sports and leisure hub, public space  Central Area  Regeneration, at least maintaining retail area (including a supermarket, offices and workshops)  About 50 homes  Refurbished leisure centre  Enhanced access


19 For Kingsbridge  Greenfield sites  Edge of town – about 275 homes, 2.5 ha emp, public space  Leigh Cross - 4 ha emp, strategic landscaping  Brownfield sites  Quayside – regeneration, about 100 homes, 1 ha emp, offices and workshops, retain car parking levels, enhanced public realm  Lower Union Road / Garden Mill – at least maintain jobs, offices and workshops, about 100 homes  Greenfield sites are markedly less sustainable, therefore working to advance brownfield sites


21 For Totnes  Brownfield sites  Baltic Wharf – about 150 homes, at least maintain jobs  KEVICC – enhanced education provision inc replacement primary school, about 130 homes  Central Area – indoor multi-use facility, retail and office, enhanced public realm, retain car parking, new library, youth provision, about 90 homes  Dairy Crest – about 30 homes, at least maintain jobs, retain listed building  Greenfield sites  About 205 homes, 4 ha emp, public space  All to contribute to A385 corridor improvement

22 For the local centres  Modbury  About 80 homes and 1 ha emp at Palm Cross,  About 20 homes with commercial and town square at Poundwell Street  Salcombe  43 homes (built) at Bonfire Hill,  About 100 homes and 0.5 ha emp  Stokenham  About 100 homes, 0.5 ha emp  Chillington  About 50 homes, 0.5 ha emp  Yealmpton  About 100 homes, 1 ha emp

23 For the villages  800 homes shared between the following villages  Blackawton, Brixton, Dartington, Harbertonford, Holbeton, Kingswear, Loddiswell, Stoke Gabriel, Thurlestone and Wembury  With re-consultation in Aveton Gifford, Avonwick, Diptford, Ermington, Marldon, Stoke Fleming and Ugborough  West Alvington has been deleted

24 Key messages  We must advance sites for urgently needed homes and jobs  We need to make progress in spite of economic conditions  We must take the long view (2026 and beyond)  We must work in partnership with co-ordinated infrastructure programmes  We must deliver a “sound” plan

25 South Hams District Council Forward Planning Team 01803 861234 or visit the Council website: Thank you for your partnership

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