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Seasonal Crime Prevention Helpful Advice and Tips.

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1 Seasonal Crime Prevention Helpful Advice and Tips

2 How To Discourage Theft Before It Happens. Thieves don’t want the attention of staff – start with good customer service and staff training. Suspicious customer? – GREET them.  Hello, “How can I help you.”  Do you need a basket?  Are you looking for something in particular?  Eye contact-make sure they see you looking at them.  Alert colleagues to suspicious individuals.

3 Business Opening and Closing Procedures Vulnerable when opening especially in the dark. Have external lighting on timer if possible. Avoid sole worker/key situations. Before closing, check all rooms, especially toilet cubicles. Ensure cash drawers empty or locked away in safe. Remove high value items to secure rooms/areas. Lock all windows regardless of size. Don’t forget to lock spare keys away. Set the alarm!

4 Dealing With Cash and Card Security Check all notes, use U/V pen on high value notes. Check the look, holograms and metal strip, all visible when held up to light. Check the feel of the paper, tumble drier effect, poor ink Doubts? Check against bank issued note, call for assistance, return to customer and refuse to accept. Check card signatures against name and gender. Customer to sign in your presence. Suspect fraudulent? ask for assistance and retain card. Empty tills on a regular basis, use counter safes if fitted.

5 At The Point Of Sale The till area is one of the most vulnerable areas of your business. Ask customers to declare all items, check baskets and trolleys are really empty. E.g. No empty boxes/bags foil lined bags. Be wary of baby buggies and possible contents. Scan items individually, don’t get rushed by customer. Check for switching of price tags. Note swapping, beware “Ringing the Change”. Consider the “Looker” visits often, never seems to pay.

6 Dealing With Deliveries and People Check identity of visitors and book them in/out. Keep delivery doors locked and alarmed. If open do not leave unattended, tie keys to belt. Never leave people unescorted on premises. Don’t leave stock against doors, easy to remove. Lock internal access doors during opening hours, particularly to goods storage areas and offices. Never leave deliveries to the untrained. Check invoices and returns paperwork carefully.

7 Physical Security Of the premises and Contents Are your alarms and cameras serviced and working? Opening/Closing procedures adequate? sufficient staff? Open after 6pm? Consider personal safety for staff. Adequate lighting to entry and exit door no blind spots. Cash storage area, keep secure and lockable. Banking procedures, vary time and route, carry alarm. High value goods, keep under separate security. Tills to be screened and locked when not in use. No cash to be left in tills overnight.

8 How to make stock more secure Keep it tidy, make it hard for the thief to conceal. Avoid dark corners or blind spots – use convex mirrors. Check stock regular, have you really sold the items? Site displays and fixtures carefully, don’t obscure vision. Keep window posters to a minimum, thieves don’t like to be seen. Do a stock risk assessment, involve staff in suggesting ways to prevent loss and improving stock security. Check deliveries carefully against invoiced items.

9 Dealing with Mr and Mrs Angry People get stressed and may take it out on you! Good sales and service defuses things quickly, remember, “How can I help you?” remain polite. Don’t get rushed, take time, politely refuse - cash scams. Watch for diversion behaviour, two or more, creating scene. Hangers on not buying but looking at staff, creating unease. Drink/Drug related complainers, harder to reason with, be wary of self protection, safe distances (four feet minimum). If unsure, ask for colleague to be nearby. Finally, if possible try to compromise, they win, you win.

10 Responding To Threats-Seeing the Signs. Take verbal threats seriously Foul language, ask to stop or you won’t sort problem. Watch NVC’s, red face,eyeballing,facial tension and gestures, aggressive stance and posture, agitation. Avoid making things worse, defuse if possible. Remember your personal safety. Know how to raise the alarm, Distance yourself from the aggressor.

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