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Wiltshire RE Starter Stimulus

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1 Wiltshire RE Starter Stimulus
Starter ideas for the following key question from the 2011 Agreed Syllabus: KS2 11 Why do believers often see life as a journey and what significant experiences mark this? This resource aims to provide some stimulus images and ideas to help pupils begin to address the above question. It links to the following learning outcome from p59 of the syllabus: Pupils can: suggest some reasons why life is often described as a journey and express their own metaphors for life, giving their reasons Many of the slides have notes to give suggestions for use. Look at the slide show in Normal mode and look for the notes at the bottom of the page.

2 Life is… Life is like… Metaphors and similes
What is life like? Have a look at the ideas from some pupils on the next few slides What does their simile or metaphor mean? Are they right?





7 What is your simile or metaphor for life?
Come up with your own ideas – be creative and original! Life is like… because… Life is… because…

8 A struggle Interesting Hard work Great fun Special An adventure Dull
Look at the ideas here, and at the ideas from pupils in your class. What do they think about life? Choose the words from the grid below. Life is like a holiday… so many choices but which one to choose? Life is like a diamond ring… too precious to lose A struggle Interesting Hard work Great fun Special An adventure Dull Important Shiny

9 Many religious people see life as a journey.
In pairs, think of three reasons why life is a journey. Some clues are coming below in case you get stuck (they are not all good clues!) Because you can get lost Because it takes ages to pack Because you are heading for an exciting destination Because it is dull and boring Because you can run out of petrol Because we are following the map given by God, to get to God’s place – heaven Because some travel in a Rolls Royce and others in an old Rover

10 On the next slide is a road. It represents your journey of life so far
On the next slide is a road. It represents your journey of life so far. It begins on the left with your birth but runs off the page because your life’s journey is still on-going. • There are three ‘high’ points on this road. Write and/or draw in the boxes about three important events in your life so far. • There are two ‘low’ points on this road. Write and/or draw in one or more of the boxes below the ‘road’ about a time that was not so good for you. On a separate piece of paper, continue the road that you have yet to travel, mark all the important events and times that you hope are waiting for you (or that you would like to happen) in the future.


12 Next steps: Pupils could explore special moments in the lives of Christians or Hindus – such as confirmation and marriage; or the Hindu upanayana or sacred thread ceremony. They could design one of these “journey of life” road maps for believers from different religions. Why not include ideas about what might happen after death? This unit can then link with KS2 10 Why do some people believe in life after death and what difference does it make? Identify the key values behind the various markers on the journey of life and then get your pupils to design their own rituals and celebrations. E.g. belonging, family, commitment, readiness to serve, identity. What stories, actions and words would they use? Where would it be held and who would come?

13 Some possible learning outcomes from this resource:
I can ask some questions of my own about the idea of life as a journey and suggest some answers to the questions. L4 I can describe how someone’s view of life can have an impact on how they live (e.g. if life is a journey, they may look forward to a destination). I can express my own ideas about life, using my own metaphor/simile, referring to ideas from religions or beliefs I have studied

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