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Children’s Centre County Event Kings Park Conference Centre 10 th May 2012.

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1 Children’s Centre County Event Kings Park Conference Centre 10 th May 2012

2 Chief Executive Paul Blantern Director of Customers, Communities and Learning Alex Hopkins Director of Adult & Children’s Services [DASS/DCS] Charlie MacNally Director of Environment, Development and Transport Tony Ciaburro Assistant Director: Customer Services Sue Grace Assistant Director: Community Services Janet Doran Assistant Director: Learning, Skills and Education Rachel Singer Assistant Director: Adults and Children’s Commissioning Andrew Jepps Assistant Director: Business Intelligence and Performance Penny Osborne Assistant Director: Environment and Planning Roy Boulton Assistant Director: Highways, Transport and Infrastructure David Farquhar Paul Blantern Managing Director Director of Legal Services Quentin Baker Director of Finance Nick Dawe Director of Operations Rocco Labellarte Director of HR & OD Christine Reed Community protection authority Chief Fire Officer Fire & Rescue Martyn Emberson Assistant Director: Safeguarding and Children’s Services Maureen Phillips Assistant Director: Direct Services to Adults and Carers Fiona Seymour Assistant Director: Leadership Support and Democracy Adam Simmonds Why the TOM? Assistant Director: Adults and Transitions Carolyn Kus

3 Community Services




7 Prevention Services Children’s Centre Event 10 th May Janet Doran Assistant Director – Community Services

8 Cabinet Decisions Adopt Prevention and Demand Management Strategy Adopt Fair and Equitable Funding Methodology Agree services to be Commissioned at a Countywide Level Agree Area Based Working Agree to Commission a Lead Partner for each area

9 Prevention Strategy – Key Points Why we need a Strategy –Work with local Communities –Savings –Preventing the need for high end services –Reduce spending in social care and health services –Demographics show more people will need help from services –Prevention services need less resource but provide better outcomes What the Strategy covers –The whole County –All Ages –New Approaches

10 Prevention Strategy – Key Points The outcomes we want to achieve –Services concentrate on those likely to escalate into specialist services –Services concentrated on areas of most deprivation What the model will achieve –Local services work together as simply as possible –People are informed and know how and where to access services

11 Funding amount £ 22,400,000 Deprivation Access to Facilities Communities Community Safety Adults Young People Early Years Borough/Districts Allocations Percentage of total funding Population* Amount of funding per person Corby £ 2,117,084.92 9.45% 55,833 £ 37.92 Daventry £ 2,094,593.05 9.35% 78,959 £ 26.53 East Northamptonshire £ 2,392,842.51 10.68% 85,251 £ 28.07 Kettering £ 2,972,778.55 13.27% 90,631 £ 32.80 Northampton £ 8,253,043.48 36.84% 212,130 £ 38.91 South Northamptonshire £ 1,903,125.87 8.50% 88,782 £ 21.44 Wellingborough £ 2,666,531.63 11.90% 75,733 £ 35.21 * ONS mid year estimates 2010

12 Service to be Commissioned Countywide Carers Services Interpersonal Violence Services Drug and Alcohol Services Connexions Housing Support for Mental Health clients Older People Services Advocacy and Centre Of Independent Living Sensory Impairment Youth Disability and SEN Services

13 Service to be Commissioned Countywide Youth small grants Voluntary Sector Small grants Voluntary sector infrastructure support Youth infrastructure Developing Local Communities Fund Young Leaders

14 Area Working Appendix 5 NCC Borough/District Health Commissioners Local Health and Wellbeing Fora Individual sign-off mechanisms (NCC) Joint Officer Group Prevention Governance Board Health and Wellbeing Board 1.Officers working together to identify synergies and possible joint commissioning activities. 2.Feedback from consultation requested that local Health and Wellbeing Fora be used to develop local plans and responses. 3.Prevention Governance Board continue to be consulted on the development and implementation of the strategy. 4.NCC/Borough and Districts/Health will have their own sign off procedures. 5.Health and Wellbeing Board will oversee the Prevention Strategy. 5. 4. 2. 3. 1.

15 Prevention Services Vision £ Contracted Services Data Performance Information Business Systems Vulnerable individuals/familie s/communities CCL Staff Social Care Staff Other Partners

16 Co-production of Levels – Group Activity Universal Specialist

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