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DIGNITY IN CARE Presentation to the Older People’s Partnership Board 18 th April 2007.

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1 DIGNITY IN CARE Presentation to the Older People’s Partnership Board 18 th April 2007

2 National Policy Context National Service Framework for Older People – Standard 1 Rooting Out Age Discrimination and Standard 4 General Hospital Care ‘A New Ambition for Old Age’ - Dignity in Care Programme ‘Our Health, Our care, Our say’- white paper – ‘End of Life Strategy’ – to be published Ministerial Listening Events (Feb – June 2006) Online Survey by Ivan Lewis, Minister for Care Services Beacon Council Scheme for Dignity in Care 2008/9 Health & Social Care Award – Dignity in the Care of Older People

3 Dignity in Care – what do we mean? Lack of respect for an individual’s dignity in care can take many forms and may differ from person to person. The following are some examples we have heard from older people of where they felt their dignity was not respected: feeling neglected or ignored whilst receiving care being treated more as an object than a person feeling their privacy was not being respected during intimate care eg. being forced to use a commode in hospital rather than being provided with a wheelchair and supported to use the bathroom

4 Dignity in care what do we mean? a disrespectful attitude of staff or being addressed in ways they find disrespectful e.g. by first names bedrooms in care homes without locks being provided with bibs intended for babies rather than a napkin whilst being helped to eat toilet doors in hospital or care homes unlocked needing to eat with own fingers rather than being helped to eat generally being rushed and not listened to


6 DIGNITY CHAMPIONS NETWORK –An army of volunteers working to raise the profile of dignity in care locally – Open to anyone who is committed to taking action to further this agenda including: Older People’s Champions who have specifically signed up to this cause Health and social care commissioners Managers and staff who provide health and social care services Senior managers in PCTs, LAs, NHS Trusts Local councillors and members of Overview and Scrutiny Committees Voluntary sector and advocacy organisations Members of patient forums, PAL’s and other representative groups Clinical and professional leaders Members of the public, service users and carers Celebrities, MPs and others who could give symbolic support – Use levers, powers and influence available to them either personally or through their work – Share with each other best practice, ideas, enthusiasm etc

7 SUPPORT AVAILABLE TO DIGNITY CHAMPIONS National online network Online practice guide Regional & local network events Champions handbook

8 Developing a Bolton Network Supporting current developments Seminar on Adult Abuse Better Bolton for Older People strategy event Age Discrimination Training Pack Age Concern Nutrition project End of Life Strategy PCT Choice website Developing new initiatives Establish a network with all providers Encourage champions Seminar to identify key concerns Expand choice website to all services Joint training Newsletter

9 Next Steps Set up a Dignity in Care Working Group Engage with older people via Viewpoint meeting Arrange a seminar to identify key areas for action Develop an Action Plan to be submitted for approval Link to Bolton PCT re Choice website

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