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2014 Fast Forward Competition awards 12 March 2014 Adrian Day Senior Policy Adviser.

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1 2014 Fast Forward Competition awards 12 March 2014 Adrian Day Senior Policy Adviser

2 Transition from Technology Transfer to Knowledge Exchange STEM FocusAll disciplines Simple ‘transmission’ model of knowledge Dynamic exchange model (engagement, not outreach) Wealth creationInnovation, enterprise, entrepreneurship, productivity, quality of life, cultural enrichment, civic Large, multi-national businesses Spectrum from global to local/regional and all users Science enterpriseAll enterprise including social

3 Knowledge Exchange funding (HEIF) Competitive processFormula allocation

4 Historical funding view 9900010203040506070809101112131415 HEROBC 1 HEROBC 2 HEIF 1 HEIF 2 HEACF1 HEACF2 KT CF HEIF 3 HEIF 4 HEIF 3 Competitive applicationFormula allocation BUSINESS FELLOWS HEIF 2011-15 University challenge and science enterprise challenge HE Business and Community Interaction (HE-BCI) Survey


6 HE-BCI (KE) Income Streams 2003-12 (real terms)

7 HEBCI (KE) income by partner 2003-12 (real terms) (real terms)

8 HEBCI Selected Infrastructure Indicators

9 HE-BCI Aims to provide data regarding the continuing development and range of interactions between the HE sector and business and the wider community to provide reliable and relevant information to support the continued public funding of the third stream of HEIs’ activity to give HEIs a consistent basis for benchmarking and information management to develop a suite of indicators at the level of the individual HEI, some of which will be appropriate to inform allocations in the UK.

10 Knowledge Exchange Data IndicatorSourceUsed in Formula Funding? Collaborative researchHE-BCINo Contract researchHE-BCIYes ConsultancyHE-BCIYes Facilities and equipmentHE-BCIYes CPD and CEHE-BCINo RegenerationHE-BCIYes Licence income (IP)HE-BCIYes Spin-off dataHE-BCINo Public eventsHE-BCINo Non credit-bearing coursesHESA Finance ReturnYes KTP incomeTSBYes

11 Development of HEIF formula HEIF 2006-8HEIF 2008-11HEIF 2011-15 45% Staff40% Staff0% Staff 45% Income60% Income100% Income Contract Research Consultancy Equipment and facilities Same as previous but 2x weight for SME income Same as previous Regeneration IP income Non-credit bearing income KTPs 10% non-monetary0% non-monetary #SMEs, #Non-commercial, #Sandwich students, # B&C staff

12 Knowledge exchange support functions and infrastructure Leadership, Strategy and Institutional Structures Leadership and governance StrategyInstitutional culture Incentives and rewards Building internal capability within the HEI Internal courses Informal networks Mentoring Facilitating the research exploitation process Access points for external orgs Business development Technology transfer Consultancy support Patenting / IP advice Corporate Relations Press / communications Investment funds Skills and human capital development CPD / short courses Lifelong learning Careers services Work placements / project experience Joint curriculum development Knowledge sharing / diffusion Provision of public space Alumni networks Academic – external organisation networks KE professional networks Exploiting the physical assets of the HEI Science parks Incubators Facilities / equipment Supporting the community Outreach Volunteering Widening participation Awareness raising / knowledge diffusion Social cohesion / community regeneration Staff exchanges AcademicsKE staff Internal / external coursesBest practice networks RecruitmentWorkshops / seminars Organisational systems Marketing External fundraising for research Contracts / legal support Academic knowledge Economic and societal benefits Educating People Training skilled undergraduates, graduates & postdoctoral students Providing public space Forming/accessing networks; stimulating social interaction Influencing the direction of search processes among users and suppliers of technology and fundamental researchers –Meetings and conferences –Hosting standard-setting forums –Entrepreneurship centers –Alumni networks –Personnel exchanges (internships, faculty exchanges, etc.) –Visiting committees –Curriculum development committees Increasing the stock of ‘codified’ knowledge Publications Patents Prototypes Problem-solving Contract research Cooperative research with industry Technology licensing Faculty consulting Providing access to specialized instrumentation and equipment Incubation services Social enterprise / entrepreneurship Academic activities and mechanisms for knowledge exchange Social enterprise Enterprise and entrepreneurship training

13 Thank you for listening

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